Are These Crazy Little Oils Really Effective?

Are These Crazy Little Oils Really Effective?

Essential Oils Show Seizure Improvement for One Boy with CPBy: Anita Howell

As a hard core skeptic and a Mom to a child with special needs, I’m often torn between responsibly managing finances and leaving no stone unturned in helping our son. With so much chatter about essential oils, I was skeptically considering them. However, before I could order, a friend called to say that she wanted to bless me with an essential oils kit.

Since September 2014, we have been using essential oils on our 10-year-old son, Ryan. We apply oils topically several times a day, diffuse lavender in his room at night, and let him inhale oils as needed. Since starting, we have not seen any grand mal seizures, which had been occurring once a month. He sleeps better and is no longer afraid to be in his own room at night.

In November, for the first time ever, Ryan’s teacher noted a significant improvement in his benchmark testing. And, my favorite, he lets me hold his hand and rub his back now. Before, that would have been a sensory problem. In December, Ryan had a follow-up EEG that indicated a marked improvement since starting the oils.

Impressive results on essential oil studies can also be found online at the National Center for Biotechnology Information. To find results, go to pubmed.gov, enter essential oil, and search. Additionally, well-known hospitals, like the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., are integrating essential oils into their aromatherapy programs.

If you are considering using essential oils, here some tips that I’ve found helpful along the way:

1) Just as I am not a doctor and not qualified to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, you must remember that neither are those whom you may find in social media groups. We found a team that has several nurses who diligently seek safe options and research to help answer our questions.

2) Every person’s DNA and medical history are different. In Ryan’s case, several oils have helped improve seizure control; however, there is a long list of oils that can be over-stimulating for someone with epilepsy and, therefore, could result in increased seizure activity.

3) Essential oils are powerfully concentrated. Most oils should be diluted with carrier oils prior to using on children. Thankfully, this is more cost effective as well.

4) I’ve found it helpful to introduce one oil at a time and keep a journal on results. This helps identify oils that are proving to be effective and determine those that may not be best for his body.

5) Select a company who avoids chemicals and submits their oils to third party testing for purity and potency. In our research, we found Young Living Oils to have the greatest control, in that they grow their own products on land that has been chemical free for at least 25 years.

To follow Ryan’s progress, send an email request to AnitaHowell2014@gmail.com or call 843-254-2804 for more information on the oils or local oil classes.

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