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The Importance of Education in a CP Child’s Life

Happy New Year! As 2011 begins, we at CP Family Network will focus on a series of blogs on education for children with cerebral palsy. Our children have different levels of CP from being bedridden to being able to attend class. They all need some type of education. There are many challenges and each child’s education plan will be unique. This week we will focus on out of home education opportunities, plans, and information.

As new parents, the first step in your child’s education is an assessment of any learning disabilities regardless of CP or birth injury related diagnosis. In the particular case of children with cerebral palsy, symptoms begin to appear before the age of three. Early assessment and action allow you (the parent) to plan an attentive education plan for your child that meets their physical and educational needs. We recently posted an article on Cerebral Palsy and Education to help provide information on actions parents can take to provide a balanced education experience for your children.

The decision of placement within a school with special services or without is very important for a child with cerebral palsy. In addition to researching an appropriate facility, the involvement of family is an integral part of the process. The old maxim, “It takes a village to raise a child” rings especially true with a child with special needs. To be a strong advocate for your child visit: “Know your Child’s rights.”

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Finding an education facility for a child with cerebral palsy isn’t easy. Even more difficult is creating the support network necessary withing your home for a CP child to have an active education. Share your stories of education triumph or tips on how to provide and engage a child with CP. Comment below.



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