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How I Got Medicaid to Pay for Disposable Diapers

By Xiomara Montes My daughter, Xaymara, is four years old. She has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, as well as  epilepsy, seizure disorder and cortical blindness. We are a military family. When Xaymara was born premature at 29 weeks and we could see her development delays, we decided to move from Puerto Rico to the United […] Read More >>

Tips for Writing Letters of Medical Necessity

  Letters of medical necessity are critical to getting reimbursed for any equipment or service. These are letters from your doctor or therapist. Such a letter must include certain, specific information or it will automatically be denied. Many doctors and therapists are familiar with what needs to be in a letter of medical necessity. But […] Read More >>

We Found “Mary Poppins” for Our Special Needs Child

By Dana DeRuvo, R.N. When the time came to find daycare for my oldest child, Rachel, I researched, interviewed and lamented over the perfect choice. When the time came to do the same for my special needs toddler, Nicholas, the process was much more difficult. Just thinking about it was overwhelming, making it hard for me to move […] Read More >>