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Cerebral Palsy Medical and Legal Resources


We created this Network as a one-stop-shop for resources specific to your child with cerebral palsy. We’ve gathered helpful information into a single location and created tools you can use to better manage your child’s care. We invite you to download our guides, search the databases, and share your favorite resources with the community.


Cerebral Palsy Online Resource Directory

We’ve assembled a database of support organizations in all fifty states and the District of Columbia that deal specifically with children with disabilities. You can search the directory by location, organization name, or keyword. The directory is always growing and we welcome your additions. Don’t forget to rate your favorite organizations and share your comments with other parents! Search the Directory


Care Guide for Organizing Important Notes and Records

Doctor appointments, medications, milestones, medical histories… they can all jumble together after a while! We’ve created the Cerebral Palsy Family Network Care Guide to help you organize and track this important information so that you can share it with your child’s caregivers, therapists, and medical providers. Having everything in one place ensures you don’t forget essential information and won’t have to search for it in the event of an emergency. Download a Care Guide


Life Care Plan for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Parents of children with cerebral palsy should seek a life care plan, especially if they plan to pursue a lawsuit regarding their child’s disability. A life care plan spells out in detail what a disabled child will need to manage their disability for the rest of their life. It includes specific therapies, support equipment and services as well as the costs associated with each. Find out more about life care plans and how to find a qualified life care planner.

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