Rural Transit Enterprises Coordinated (RTEC) - Kentucky

Rural Transit Enterprises Coordinated, Inc (RTEC) is a non-profit corporation which was organized in 1989 and began providing community transit services open to the public in rural Southeast Kentucky during July 1990.
Your transportation inner city connection to Greyhound Bus Stations at London, Bowling Green or Lexington.

RTEC operates more than 180 vehicles in the 13-county service area with planning one day ahead for cash fare transportation.  RTEC provides public transportation to access shopping, medical, employment, childcare, job training and community programs in the local service area.  Transportation routes will be designed for accessing employment in the larger cities, with stops along the way for childcare or other services.  Contact the reservation office to make arrangements to access employment or job training.

Boarding Locations:
Boarding at locations in Bell, Clinton, Cumberland Knox, Laurel, McCreary, Monroe, Pulaski, Rockcastle, Russel, Taylor, Wayne & Whitley Counties. 


100 Main Street
Mount Vernon, KY 40456
United States
(606) 256-9835
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(800) 321-7832
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