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Heroes of the DayJuly 2017

Each month, we receive hundreds of submissions from families all over the world, sharing their stories as well as photos of their children. If you would like to feature your child as the Hero of the Day, send us a photo of them to our Facebook page.

Andre & Leonard

My twins, Andre & Leonard, were born 15 weeks premature. They are sweet, adorable, and always happy. We are blessed to have them!



This is my brother Jamon who is 18 years old. He has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. In the photo, he is on his way to his senior prom and we are so blessed he was able to attend. He is our hero! He was a little over 1 pound fighting for his life, born premature with a twin sister. He is very happy and he also loves music! We thank God for sending us an Angel.



I’d like to nominate my son Josh as a hero. We discovered he had suffered from CMV virus whilst in utero. Very few people have ever heard of this virus. As a result he has cp, hypotonia & unilateral deafness. We had years of physio & other appointments with various equipment including his Kaye walker to help him walk. He’s coming to the end of his first year at school here in the UK. He’s amazed all his family & school teachers with his academic results & sheer determination. “I can do it” is Joshua’s mantra. We love him so much; he’s such an inspiration.



This is my son, Michael. He is a natural athlete. He is great at baseball, basketball, & bowling! He is my inspiration!



Herby Zilla is 9 years old. Herby has CP and a true go-getter!! He has goals set and is working very hard daily to achieve them. Herby is mainstreamed into public school and has such an appreciation for life. He has a big brother Clay and a Service Dog named Wanda. Last summer, he did a fundraiser for his friend to get a Service Dog and collected over 12K! He truly is an inspiration to this world. He has a long story, but the outcome is so beautiful!!



I’m Mike, I was diagnosed at birth with Mild CP, and through years of therapy and a mom who pushed me, I am able to live a relatively normal life. I received my masters in Education, and now teach history and coach football. I also am able to enjoy weight lifting and hiking on my free time. Of course, CP still affects me, I’m still sore when I walk, my handwriting is poor, and picking up a penny is the death of me, but I’m so happy to even have a life to live. Encourage younger kids with CP to try what ever they want. We may not be the best at it, it may take a little longer, but if you love something, whatever it is, go for it!



This is my CP hero, 16-year-old Evan Saunders from Columbia, MO. Evan shows in the United Professional Horseman’s Association (UPHA) Exceptional Riders classes. He qualified and showed at the National Championship at American Royal in Kansas City, MO. Evan had to work out in two classes to make finals. He showed and won the National Championship Finals! He was the only one with CP! The horse magazine did a huge article on him! His big brother and I are so proud of his accomplishment! He worked very hard.



This is my son Donovan. He is 12 years old and the sweetest boy you will ever meet. He’s non verbal but trust me, he gets his point across. He was diagnosed with CP when he was around a year old and has been through a lot but that hasn’t stopped him from being a happy boy. I can’t begin to explain how much I love him!



This is Briseis, she has CP but has a heart of gold. She is a true fighter and my inspiration. She is ready to learn something new and enjoys the company of her twin friends whom teach her more and more everyday. I give a huge shout out to you Briseis, you are my biggest hero and one in a million!



Leannain is a 5-year-old boy who has bilateral spastic CP on his 4 limbs. When Leannain was younger he was premature by 10 weeks and was 29 cm long. Leannain is a very funny and popular little guy and everyone loves his company. Leannain likes football and is a fast runner!


Jaycob & Jordan

These are my twins born at 23 weeks. They both were born with brain bleeds, one with grade 4 on both sides (Jordan, weighed 1 lb 6 oz) and the other with grade 3 on both sides (Jaycob, weighed 1 lb 4 oz). Jaycob is in regular classes and has mild CP and Jordan has come a long way from us being told he’d only say about 30 words to him talking in complete sentences and understanding more than we ever thought possible!! They are two of the strongest kiddos I know and my heroes!!



This is our son, Hunter. He turned 25 on May 15! He’s a resilient, strong, happy young man, and he continues to amaze us every day. He’s our hero!



I would like to nominate my granddaughter Heaven. She doesn’t let CP stop her from doing anything. She’s an advocate, an inspiration, Junior Miss Knox County TN and recently did her first fashion show. She loves others with all her heart and recently raised $500 for our local CP Center by donating her birthday on May 2. She’s my hero everyday!



I nominate my daughter Abigail. She’s a six-year-old beauty born with CP. She’s faced 5 surgeries with no fear. She puts more time in the gym than a professional athlete to regain her strength after each one. Our Small but Fierce hero lives up to the meaning of her name, the light of her father’s heart. She’s a light to everyone lucky enough to know her.



I nominate Michael as my HERO! He is the last of three girls and three boys! He is full of LOVE and laughter and brings JOY to those around him; babies LOVE him and he loves communicating with babies in his non-verbal way! Our mother, pictured with him, has been his primary caregiver since becoming a widow seventeen years ago. He is my HERO!



This is my daughter Kayla Kanoelehua Lagasca Albino. She’s 13 years old & has cerebral palsy and I would like to nominate her as my hero. She has spastic quadriplegia, but despite her condition, always gives her best in everything that she does!



This is my hero, my daughter Amanda Morrison. Today, she turns 27. From day one, she’s been a fighter and continues to prove her doctors wrong.



Hello, this is William. He is the biggest Edmonton Oilers Fan. He is always pushing his limits and never giving up. William is our Hero!



I nominate my son Matthew as hero. He is 2.5 years old with spastic cerebral palsy. He can’t walk and only says a few words, but he is a determined little man who is doing so well. He is our hero!



This is my son, Austin. He is 4 years old. He was diagnosed in February with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy that affects the left side of his body. This is his 4th official diagnosis. He teaches me everyday how to overcome obstacles without giving up or feeling any kind of negative way about it. He is my hero!



My beautiful sister Evaden who recently passed away. Doctors said she wouldn’t live past the age of 2, but she lived until she was 39 years old!



Taylor is my hero. He is a happy 19-year-old and is one of the strongest people I know. He’s been through a lot of ups and downs, but smiles through it all.



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