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Heroes of the DaySeptember 2017

Each month, we receive hundreds of submissions from families all over the world, sharing their stories as well as photos of their children. If you would like to feature your child as the Hero of the Day, send us a photo of them to our Facebook page.


This is my son Noah. He lives with CP and epilepsy. He may struggle sometimes, but he never lets anything stop him for long. He loves Dinosaurs and trains and starts kindergarten in a few weeks.



This is my son Philip. He is now 13 and has cerebral palsy that affects both legs and his left arm. He attends a public school in the area and this fall he signed up to play tackle football with the school. My husband and I have spent years trying to convince him it was not his sport but we just couldn’t any longer. On top of football, Philip has been wrestling with a private club and the youth league for over 7 years. Another thing that Philip enjoys is running and walking the trails of our local parks. He does all this with the support of his family, a community, a lot of friends and his trusty hinged AFOs!



This is Jaela who’s 4 years old. Never would I have thought I’d have a special needs child. She has taught me to be so strong for the both of us. She’s very delayed in all of her skills, but she’s making progress & has come a long way. Her sister & I along with other family members love her very much. Couldn’t have asked for a better hero!



David-Daniel is 4 years old and has cerebral palsy. He underwent occupational therapy in the hospital, and used to go twice a week, one hour per session. Unfortunately, the hospital increases the payment bill and we don’t have enough for all the needs of our son David-Daniel. I’m looking for HELP for my son, for his therapy and physical needs such as milk, a chair, gym ball etc. He’s making great progress in his therapy. He really understands when I’m talking and he can’t walk on his own but I’ll hold him so that he can walk.



I might not look it but I have Spastic Cerebral Palsy and I’ve come a long way and still pushing thru it. I was born premature at 1lb 7oz at birth, I died 3 times on my parents at birth, but I’m so glad God has pushed me and my parents (Rip) to keep me alive and healthy. I do have limitations because of my disability, but it’s ok because I still have people that love, help and support me. I’m a very loving and caring person. Some people tell me that I have a heart of Gold and that’s cool!



My handsome sons name is Timothy Feaster, he’s 6 years old and he’s my super hero! He was born at 27 weeks weighing 2lbs 7ozs with hydrocephalus on his brain. My son has a VP shunt in his brain and has Cerebral Palsy “Spasticity Quadriplegia” seizures. My son’s so amazing, so strong, and he’s my small soldier. I thank GOD all the obstacles we have overcome and all the blessings GOD has put upon us. Timothy, you never cease to amaze me. My world, my heart, my love, my son Timothy Feaster!



I’d like to nominate my son Caleb for Hero of the Day! He was born with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. In spite of multiple brain surgeries and countless therapies and specialist visits, he is by far the most popular person I know, and brings a smile to the face of everyone he meets!



My hero Zach is 10 years old and was born at 25 weeks. He has cerebral palsy affecting all 4 limbs. He is non-verbal but is always happy and smiling even when he isn’t well and he loves kisses and cuddles. He is our little hero!



This is baby Pendo and she is 5 years old. At three days old she was admitted, then at seven months meningitis tried to pull her down but she over came it. She went into a comma for 5 days and through Gods grace she got through that as well. She has been in and out of the hospital but we thank God for her. She’s my all…I love her to the moon and back!


Terra Grace

My daughter, Terra Grace, is my CP Hero. She’s 3 ½ and has spastic quad cp. She loves bubbles, riding her trike, and spending time with family.



Her name is Ellie and she was born at 23 weeks gestation. Doctors told us her brain bleed was so severe that she would have no quality of life. Ellie just turned 3 along with her twin sister. She’s had a crazy summer, getting her first AFO’s, she had eye surgery to correct her eye turns, and no longer has her mom’s full attention because she gained a baby brother. She’s our hero, and we want her to see how special she is. We love her so much!



This is my 9-year-old daughter Taliyah and she has cerebral palsy. She recently had surgery on her legs to help her put more weight on them when she’s in her stander and gait trainer. She’s now learning to feed herself and just needs some support. She also talks, but not in full sentences yet. I wouldn’t trade my princess for the world!



This is Arya. She was born at 26 weeks weighing 1lb 6oz. She had bilatteral grade 3 and 4 brain bleeds and was recently diagnosed with CP. All the doctors gave her a grim outlook on life but so far she has overcome all her obstacles. It’s not always easy but she gets through it!!



My name is Jessica I’m a model and and advocate for people with disabilities. My main goal has always been to inspire people disabled or not to never give up and follow your dreams regardless of your situation. Anything is possible!



Collin Clyde is my little hero, and he brings joy to anyone he meets. He loves horses, trucks & food! The day Collin was born I knew his purpose in life was to bring complete joy and love! He also enjoys his big sister and little brother!



My daughter Janyia Miracle is my CP hero. Janyia is a little girl with several medical conditions such as Arthrogryposis, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic lung disease and Hydrocephalus. Being 13 weeks along in pregnancy there was a traumatic event (heterotopic rupture) and Janyia was deprived oxygen for 29 minutes, which caused brain damage and Hydrocephalus. Janyia defeats odds everyday she is here, she has undergone 10 surgeries, countless procedures, spends so much time in hospitals but no matter what she is up against she fights hard.



This is my handsome, bright, 22-year-old son Anthony who has spastic diaplegia. CP may slow him down, but will not stop him! Anthony inspires me daily, he is my Hero!



My brother Todd has always been my hero. No matter what is going on in my life, he always has a smile that can lighten my life. He loves sports, and when I play guitar he helps me strum. He has always been a great blessing to myself and anyone that takes a moment to be near him. Todd even got to be on the Atlanta Braves and our dad helped him hit the ball and run the bases!! The whole team autographed a ball for him. He loves to do the tomahawk chop when the Braves play.



Our beautiful princess Amber was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia and Periventricular Leukomalacia at 2 years old. Amber was 2 months premature. She never lets anything hold her back and we are very, very proud of her!



This is my beautiful angel Madyson! She is my Hero, my life, my world and my Everything! She saved me in so many ways! I may be her mother but I owe her more than this life can offer!



My son Christopher is my hero. He’s 8 years old and will start 3rd grade in a couple of weeks. He’s diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, left hemiplegic, epilepsy, developmental delays, microcephaly and speech delay. He is my miracle. We were told he might never walk, talk or be independent. Christopher not only walks, he runs he’s friendly and lovable. He’s been in therapies all of his life but that’s what has helped get him where his at. He is my true hero, my love, my life.



Jeremy is our CP hero. Born at 28 weeks, he had a grade 3 brain bleed, which led to Hydrocephalus and 25 shunt malfunctions. Jeremy has CP, Epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia and Scoliosis in addition to his Hydrocephalus. No matter what life throws at our little guy he always manages a smile.



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