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Heroes of the DayDecember 2015

Each month, we receive hundreds of submissions from families all over the world, sharing their stories as well as photos of their children. If you would like to feature your child as the Hero of the Day, send us a photo of them to our facebook page.


HeroOfTheDay_1214_Da'SeanI nominate my son Da’Sean as our family Hero. He turned 2 on October 15. He has truly been a blessing in our lives. He’s always so happy with a very contagious smile. Mommy Daddy and Sissy love you Bub!!!!



HeroOfTheDay_1214_AmberMy beautiful daughter Amber. 7 years old and has spastic diplegia cp. We have just returned from St. Louis where she has undergone SDR and PERCS. The best decision we ever made. She is a K Walker user and on her last day of therapy in St. Louis, she used tripod canes for the very first time. Things are changing already for the better. She is amazing and I’m proud to be her mum.



HeroOfTheDay_1214_TorieI would like to nominate my daughter Torie for the CP Hero of the Day! Torie was born at 28 weeks and weighed 2 lbs. & 14 ounces. Torie doesn’t let anything keep her from her favorite activity, which is high school! Her favorite subject is Desktop Publishing. Torie fills our lives with joy and her infectious giggle! We are all so proud of Torie and the determination she has. She loves to help other people, especially children. She loves to swim and take her dog Miley on a bike ride. I know she will accomplish her goal of becoming a teacher someday.



HeroOfTheDay_1214_JustineI nominate our son Justine as Hero of the day. He celebrated his 11th birthday on August 28. Justine was given to us by God 4 years after our marriage. He was almost dead after I gave birth. He was diagnosed as neonatal asphyxia, which resulted in CP, as I understand. He is a happy kid. He hates people who doesn’t smile at him. He is lovable and can speak, but some words are not clear the way he pronounced it. For Justine – I know you can’t know this, but God knows how much we love you. We thank God for choosing us as your mama & papa. You are the precious gift from God. You are the peacemaker in our family because you don’t want quarrel or hear loud voices. Thank you for your unceasing smile, for being so sweet. We pray to God that he will guide, protect and help all special kids like you and give you a good heart. In spite of your physical & mental problem, you will help others in any way.



HeroOfTheDay_1207_RoyI’d like to nominate my son, my all time champion of the world, Roy Alekzander-Elysium. He is my hero and a hero to everyone he meets. His smile so contagious, he lights life by seeing it. Roy is 12 with the love of of an entire world in his grasp. He is absolutely a treasure straight from God.



HeroOfTheDay_1207_HenryHi this is Henry he is an amazing young boy who I call my Super Hero! He has CP, nonverbal, can’t walk, 100 assistance, always has a smile to share smile emoticon he loves being a kid, and doesn’t let his disability stop him from doing what he loves, I would like to nominate this strong young Angel for Hero of the day.



HeroOfTheDay_1207_KristopherMeet Kristopher! Kristopher is 13 years old and diagnosed with CP and some other medical conditions due to being born prematurely. Kristopher is currently residing in state foster care in a specialized foster home and is waiting to be adopted by a family that will celebrate all of his successes and gains with him. A recent success that was celebrated was that he learned how to brush his teeth! Another success (although this picture does not show it) is he is now able to keep his eyes open for longer periods of time. Kristopher loves listening to music and being read aloud to. Kristopher attends a specialized school where he enjoys going into the pool and cooking class. He also likes to visit a local farm near his foster home to visit the animals. Kristopher loves to laugh and show off his big smile! Although Kristopher is nonverbal he is able to communicate in other ways and adults are able to learn his body language and ques. Kristopher is described as very playful and sweet. He is overall a really happy child. Kristopher would bring a lot of joy and laughter to a family. If you have any interest in learning more about Kristopher and adoption, please visit his profile: to inquire further.



HeroOfTheDay_1130_Faithya“Her name is Fathiya and she is from Indonesia. She is 6 years old. When she was 2 years and 11 months, she was infected by rotavirus. She was hospitalized for 4 months. Her brain damage made her quadreplegic, but she has survived. She is a happy little girl with a contagious smile. Thank you for reposting her story. This means a lot for her family. They have been through a lot.”



HeroOfTheDay_1130_LeighThis is my daughter, lovely Leigh! She’s been through so much in her 20 years. Apart from CP, she also suffers from epilepsy, scoliosis, asthma, oculomotor apraxia, global development delay, g tube fed, nil by mouth, unsafe swallow, & non verbal. But she’s such a happy girl. Myself & her dad, Brian, are so proud of our girl! She’s our wee hero, hope she can be yours!



HeroOfTheDay_1130_Celia“This is my daughter Celia. She is 19 months old and was diagnosed with as rare brain disorder called Polymicrogyria and Spastic Quadraplegia CP. She has made so much progress and is a light to everyone she meets. She works so hard in her therapies and never gives up. She is always has a positive attitude and lifts us up when we are down. We thank God for the angel He let us have.”



HeroOfTheDay_1130_Tyler“This is my nephew Tyler with my son (and his best buddy) Reid (whose middle name is Tyler in honor of my nephew). Tyler suffered a stroke in utero and was born with severe cerebral palsy. Despite this, he is a happy young man who brings so much joy to our family and reminds us that it’s silly to “sweat the small stuff”. We love our Tyler!”



HeroOfTheDay_1130_Claire“I would like to nominate my daughter Claire for hero of the day. Claire was 39 weeks when she was born, but sustained severe brain injuries during delivery. She spent 81 days in the NICU before coming home. She is wheelchair bound and has a feeding tube. Despite having multiple hospital visits in the past 6 years, once having to be intubated for 2 weeks, she still manages to be a fighter. She is now 6 years old, getting ready to start kindergarten, and continues to be the light of her father and mine’s life. She is our daily inspiration and a true definition of what a HERO is!!”


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