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Heroes of the DaySeptember 2016

Each month, we receive hundreds of submissions from families all over the world, sharing their stories as well as photos of their children. If you would like to feature your child as the Hero of the Day, send us a photo of them to our facebook page.


I’d like to nominate my daughter Nura Mohamed from Cape Town, South Africa as Hero of the day. She is classified as profoundly disabled but is really profoundly amazing and the strongest, bravest person I know.


Hello I am Safa, mother of the beautiful CP daughter.. Her name is Lujain. I wish to add her to Hero of the day. When she smiles it means the world to me ..She is 21 years old.


This is my son Jared. I’m so proud of him. He’s 18 years old. He can’t do anything. He can’t stand or sit and his blind. We love him to bits


I would like to nominate my daughter, Katherine ‘Kit Kat’ Walker for Hero of the Day. Her doctors still don’t know the cause of the Ataxic CP, but I do know the affects haven’t stopped her from being the most loving, friendly, determined and funny little girl that anyone could ever meet! On July 9th, she had her 4th birthday and we celebrated the 4 years that we have been blessed with such a small, but mighty hero all the same!


Hi I would like to I’d like to nominate my daughter, Cyra, as hero of the day. Cyra Devine was born with Hydrops Fetalis (non-immune) @ 32 weeks in June 2007. She spent 13 weeks in the NICU before coming home. She has been diagnosed with CP and Dystonia. Cyra loves being active and enjoying her swimming pool, riding her bike, pony riding, swinging in the backyard with her baby sister and playing baseball with her team. Cyra is very smart in school with honor roll. Her smile lights up every room she goes into. Cyra is truly our hero. Love Mom, Dad & baby sister Mikayla.


I would like to nominate my brother Jamie, age 24, my Hero of the Day! There isn’t a day that goes by when he hasn’t got that massive cheeky smile, blowing me kisses & telling me how much he loves me! When I’m having my down days all I have to do is look at him and he makes me instantly proud & happy! There is no better feeling in the world than having a cuddle off him and him pulling me closer to give me a kiss on the head. He truly is my hero & my world! I would also like to say how amazing my mum is for bringing this handsome man up all on her own!


My daughter Haley is my hero everyday. Everyone always thinks I’m so strong raising a child with special needs…she is truly the strong one…living everyday with a smile.


My brother is my hero because his presence makes me want to fight for him and give the best I can. He is a hero because despite his condition he still keeps a smile as his most recurrent gesture, although sometimes he cries because he knows he’s different from other people. Diego is a hero because with this new situation presented to us, he is still beside me, making me go ahead. Diego Andres my hero, the hero of the day, the hero of my life.


I would love for you to share my son, Jamie as a hero of the day. Jamie was born 3.5 months premature (he also has a fully healthy twin brother named Tage) on the 22nd of March 2010. He was diagnosed with gelastic epilepsy early in life and in 2014 he was confirmed to have spastic diplegia. Despite all his struggles, he is the happiest little man I know. His smile can light up even the darkest of days.


This is our son Brayden. Brayden was born via emergency C-section due to a placental abruption. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 3 months old. When he was in the NICU, the pediatrician told us he would never walk. He does has difficulty walking and wears an AFO on his right leg and a smaller brace on his left leg, but he can walk and run just like anyone else. We live in Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup. Ever since they won, Brayden had been obsessed with hockey. We knew he wouldn’t be able to play traditional hockey, so we looked into the local sled hockey team. The Sitting Bulls in Johnstown, PA, welcomed us with open arms. This is a picture of him all geared up and waiting to get on his sled.


This is Madison Maya Mason. My wee lassie has CP and is now 4 years of age and just started mainstream school in August. I can’t be prouder of my wee angel, Madison.

Ricki Lee & Jessica

These are my hero’s of the day, Ricki Lee and Jessica. They are twins with cerebral palsy. Ricki Lee (left) just graduated high school and moved into her own apartment and is loving the independent life, Jessica (on the right) is a college graduate with a 3.8 gpa with her general associates degree and is currently going for her bachelors degree for business and just started an internship! They are my sisters and more importantly my heroes.


I would like to submit a photo of my son Marcus James Landen Hanner. He’s 8 years old and was diagnosed with severe CP after he lost 15 minutes of oxygen at birth. This caused him to have HIE brain injury. He has chronic aspiration so he’s on oxygen continuously. He’s fed through G-tube. He can’t walk, talk, and he’s blind. But he always has smiling! He’s a huge inspiration to everyone who met him. He’s my hero!!!


Our Hero EVERYDAY of our life, Rainen was born at 26 weeks and weighed just 2.1lbs and was 13 inches long. He suffered a brain hemorrhage on the left side of his brain which was discovered when he was 1 week old, causing his Cerebral Palsy. He turned 6 years old in July and cannot walk, talk and has limited motor skills, but he is attending Grade 1 at a special needs Catholic School in the fall and he is truly the light of our lives and we love him beyond words!


Steven is 14 years old and loves hunting and NASCAR. As an infant he started having seizures, which turned into cerebral palsy. To this day we still don’t know what happened as an infant. Thank you for sharing.


I would love my son Ben to be hero of the day. On August 2nd he would’ve been 16 years old. Ben unfortunately passed away the 14th of May 2010. We miss him so much every single day. Time definitely does not heal. Ben had CP, HPLH, epilepsy and other problems but always had a smile on his face. He’s our Hero!


Hello & Namaste, I’m from Napal. My son Shivam Dahal has cp. He is 7 years old. He couldn’t sit or stand but understands when we talk to him. Please give me suggestions on what I can do. He receives treatment in Nepal at the CP Center. Thank you very much.


This is my son Jacoub Smith. He is 8 years old and has a twin brother named Elijah. Jacoub doesn’t let his cerebral palsy define him. He’s so bright and tries to be independent. He has the smile that will brighten up your day and will make you fall in love with him. He will always be my hero. Love you!!


I would like to nominate my cousin, Aaron Diskin. He is absolutely amazing, so talented and thoughtful. He is 17 years old and has been in a wheelchair all of his life. He has never let that stop him though; he does wheelchair sports and is currently at college studying Media. He truly is an inspiration to all of our family and I am proud to call him my cousin. Love you Aaron!


I would like to nominate my son Castle, 11, for hero of the day. He was diagnosed with CP right before his first birthday and has been living life to the fullest ever since. His never-ending determination has provided a source of inspiration for so many. He is an avid hunter and archer (he shoots with his mouth) and never lets his disability slow him down.


I want to nominate my 16-year-old son Nicky for Hero of the Day. He always has a smile on his face no matter how difficult things are for him. He also brings a smile to everyone who meets him.


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