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National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month


March is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, a month designated to bring attention to this all-too-common disorder and the ongoing research efforts to find new treatments and possibly, a cure. At the Cerebral Palsy Family Network, we are proud to promote these efforts and be a part of such an important cause.

In 2011, the United States Senate designated March 25 as National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. The day was created to encourage all people in the United States to become more informed and aware of cerebral palsy. According to the resolution:

To celebrate this special month, we’ve created a “Faces of Cerebral Palsy” video series showcasing children with cerebral palsy from across the United States. The photos were collected during our “What Works for CP Kids” iPad contest held late last year. Cerebral palsy is such an all-encompassing term, and our videos represent the many different types of CP and the wide range of abilities these precious children possess.

We hope these adorable kids bring a smile to your face and brighten your day! To see your child in an upcoming “Faces of Cerebral Palsy” video, submit your photo via a private message on our Facebook page.

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