Outspoken Senior is Unafraid to Share His Views

By Kevin Corvo

Darby High School senior Justin Martin said he does not want to be a champion for the disabled, but if his articulate speeches and publications make one life easier, he would be happy with the result.

Martin, who carries a 4.0-plus grade-point average and is enrolled in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University, said his daily encounters with people reacting to his cerebral palsy can be vexing.

“It can drive you a little crazy,” he said. “I feel like I’m always hammering the same nail.”

He said such frustrating experiences include going to the grocery store and meeting a woman who stooped low to speak slowly and loudly about his pending graduation and then patted his head. More subtle encounters include peers who he believes unconsciously close rank while standing in a semicircle as he approaches in his wheelchair.

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