Susan Wells – One of Our Favorite CP Teachers

Editor’s Note: Susan Wells was one of the five winners in our 2014 “Our Favorite CP Teachers” contest. Congratulations to Susan and all of our other winners and nominees!

By Susan Wells

Susan WellsI started my career later in life. I went back to school at 36 and finished my elementary education degree at age 40. I had always worked with special needs students, but did not pursue a degree in special education because of all the paperwork. God has a funny way of playing things out, so I went back to school while doing temp teaching and finished my special education degree and jobs started coming to me. I never thought I would like to work in a life skills class, but when my students learn a concept and I see the spark in their eyes, I realize that all the hard work and long hours are worth it. I’m very fortunate to have a great staff that supports me and is willing to do whatever it takes to get things done. We are like a family and we support each other and the students. I’m so blessed to have parents like Mrs. Stinchfield, who are on top of things and very supportive.

Use of Assistive Technology in the Classroom

I have two iPads that I use with students with communication disabilities. They are great! The students love to use the iPad for spelling and other educational games. The iPads are useful when the students are doing research projects and collaborating in groups. We take the iPads on outings so that students can order food off the menus by using the Proloquo app. I am trying to get a couple iPods so that students can go to the sensory room and listen to music while they wind down. I also have a Promethean Board that is an amazing tool to use. The students love to do picture finds on it when they have free time.

Thank you for taking an interest in my classroom and my students. They are amazing kids and deserve to win a prize. The teacher I replaced took everything out of the classroom and left us with few educational tools and very few supplies, so my allotment money has gone to replace things we need for our classroom.
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