The Unique Way an Army Member Is Helping a Woman With Cerebral Palsy Get a Service Dog

By Liz Klimas

When Dapo Oremand first met Jessica McClure, he was her tutor. As an eager college student, he was looking forward to making a little money on the side.

He was surprised to learn, when he met her, that she had dystonia, a condition causing muscle spasms, and cerebral palsy. After that, he said he was surprised to learn how smart she was.

“I had students that I tutored before,” Oremand, who graduated a few years ago from the University of North Texas and joined the U.S. Army, told TheBlaze.

“To me she was just an intelligent kid with all this unecessary movement,” he said, referencing her spasms.

As he got to know McClure, Oremand said she once told him that she believed “God would not make her face something she can’t overcome. … I was like ‘Wow, here I am complaining about all this stuff and then there’s this girl who sees life differently.’”

Inspired to help McClure, Oremand said he tried to think of a way to help, especially knowing she had an upcoming surgery.

“I spoke to her mom and [she said,] ‘Oh you know right now insurance will cover surgery but Jessica is trying to walk and save money for a service dog,’” Oremand said. “I thought, ‘great, there we go.’ I’ve seen people in the Army with service dogs.”

So Oremand started on his mission to help McClure get a dog, which would allow her to be more independent. But how he’s doing it is a little different.

Oremand and his friend started a crowd-funding website based off the idea that people don’t always want presents for their birthdays — sometimes people would rather have others donate to a cause. Thus, the idea for the crowd-funding site Nacho Birthday (the name is supposed to be a play on words, sounding like “not your” birthday) was born.

What makes Nacho Birthday different than the slew of other crowd-funding sites that have cropped up over the years?

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