Every child is a gift

At Cerebral Palsy Family Network (CPFN), our mission is to help individuals and families living with cerebral palsy (CP) and other birth injuries lead the most comfortable, independent and fulfilling lives possible. Our community brings together individuals and families living with CP and other birth injuries to help one another, share information and provide helpful resources.

Coming Together as a Family

Each of the families who helped found the Cerebral Palsy Family Network had wondered, at one point or another, “What caused my child’s CP?” They felt something was amiss in how the medical staff acted before, during or shortly after delivery. So they searched for answers. Their search led them to the same source: Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC (JJS). Working together with JJS's medical experts and attorneys, each family uncovered the same truth: their child had developed CP due to preventable birth injury.

After hearing these stories, the families and JJS decided to do something to help others impacted by CP to have the information, resources, and tools necessary to lead the best lives possible. CPFN was founded to help every family impacted by CP do exactly that.

Uncovering the Truth

The team of medical experts and attorneys at JJS has uncovered the truth about hundreds of birth injuries through a comprehensive review of medical records. Their team has been consulted by more than 20,000 families impacted by CP -- providing them with the experience necessary to uncover wrongdoing and ensure that those responsible for preventable birth injuries are held accountable. JJS's in-house medical experts, including a board-certified OB/GYN with more than 2,000 successful deliveries, allows the JJS team to identify mistakes.

"JJS fought for us and held our hand through the entire process. They made sure we received justice and the funds to take care of our child’s future medical, caregiving and educational needs. We are forever grateful!"

If your child has been diagnosed with CP, we are here to help.

We are working closely with the nationally-recognized birth injury attorneys at JJS to raise awareness about the impact of preventable birth injuries and ensure those impacted by these needless tragedies receive the justice they deserve. If you think your child developed CP due to a medical error, you owe it to yourself and your child to request an impartial, third-party review of your child's medical records.

Do you need CP help?