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Modified Toy Cars Blend Fun and Physical Benefits for Kids with Disabilities

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By Carolina Henriques VIA Cerebral Palsy News Today Photo Courtesy of Lil’ Rhody Riders Lil’ Rhody Riders, a student project at the University of Rhode Island, is modifying toy cars so they can be operated by children with disabilities like cerebral palsy (CP) to enjoy mobility, freedom and fun, just like any other kid. Lil’... Read More

Climbing May Be a Valuable Exercise for Children with Cerebral Palsy, Study Reports

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VIA Cerebral Palsy News Today Climbing exercises help children with cerebral palsy function better, according to a study in Denmark. Researchers said climbing strengthens the link between the brain and muscles, increasing children’s ability to perform day-to-day activities. The children used an indoor climbing gym that included boulder climbing and wall climbing courses. The study,... Read More

Toddler with Cerebral Palsy Takes First Steps Wearing “Magical” Shoes

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Via: 9News A toddler has taken her first independent steps wearing revolutionary shoes made by a small company in Sydney, Australia. Eve Darcy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was just weeks old, and could only take small steps aided by a walking frame. Big or small, everyday activities were a milestone until she... Read More

Man with Cerebral Palsy Cycles Around Ireland on a Modified Bike

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By: Sherman Wright Via Jack Thompson cycled from London to Liverpool and earlier this week he boarded a ferry to Belfast where he now plans to continue across the country. He was met along the route by Balymena native Sherman Wright who was bowled over by the inspiring story. Mr Thompson said he had... Read More

Kinesiology Tape is Helping Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Via PRBuzz & BioSpace When people think of Kinesiology Tape, it’s fair to say that thoughts focus on professional athletes who use this tape to enhance sporting performance, prevent injury and allow them to return to recover faster. However, studies have shown that the applications and benefits of Kinesiology Tape are far more wide reaching... Read More

Electronic Devices Help Non-Verbal Kids Find Their Voice

Assistive Technology, In the News

by Pam Adams, Journal Star/TNS Via Selah isn’t ready to work yet. Carrie Kerr asks, “Do you want a drink?” Selah grabs a bright pink iPad programmed with more than 3,000 words and matching pictures, including a skunk for a fun kid word like “fart.” Pronouns in yellow-colored boxes, adjectives in blue, nouns in... Read More

Dad Gives Daughter with CP One of His Kidneys

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By Andryanna Shepard VIA A man born and raised in the Rogue Valley will be giving his daughter the chance to live this Father’s Day. Now Aaron McCoy lives in Texas with his wife and two daughter. His extended family still lives in the Rogue Valley. On Sunday, his youngest daughter, Claire McCoy, began... Read More

Honda Gives $1 million Gift to Nationwide Children’s Hospital to Enhance Pediatric Mobility

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Via Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Honda announced today a $1 million gift from the automaker to establish the Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement designed to enhance pediatric mobility. The center will become the first of its kind to provide not only comprehensive gait analysis, but also spine motion analysis, sports performance... Read More

Family Has Adopted 88 Special Needs Kids in the Past Four Decades

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By McKinley Corbley Via If you ever feel like complaining about the multitude of difficulties when dealing with your family, just think about the Geraldi clan and the calamities through which they’ve bravely persevered. Over the course of the last four decades, Michael and Camille Geraldi have become the legal guardians of 88 special... Read More

Handicap Accessible Water Park Making a Splash in Central Texas

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Via Page Levin & CNN When families walk in to the Morgan’s Inspiration Island water park in San Antonio, they won’t find any wheelchair ramps at one of the park’s main attractions: the riverboat adventure. Instead, the boats will rise to meet them, so guests with disabilities can avoid the trouble that often accompanies those... Read More

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