Camp Atlantic – The Beach Camp

Address: P.O. Box 7273
McLean, VA 22106-7273
Phone: (703) 863-9485 Fax: (703) 5332354 Email: Website:

Camp Atlantic is a private, residential summer camp providing children, teenagers and adults with mental and physical disabilities a safe and fun vacation at the beach. The camp, which is located in Bethany Beach, Delaware, offers separate youth and adult programs. Camp Atlantic provides a living experience for each camper that is carefully designed around the beach community. The goal of the camp is to improve social confidence and independent living skills by living and socializing with peers under the guidance of experienced and dedicated group leaders. Whether it is a trip to the beach or a concert on the boardwalk, each activity is designed to create opportunities for positive social interaction. Camp Atlantic provides each camper the opportunity to improve his or her social skills, mature positively and develop an enhanced self-concept. Campers will gain a sense of security and learn how to be relaxed, outgoing and successful in a socially acceptable manner.

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