Central Florida Hyperbaric O2, P.A.

Address: 5423 Lake Howell Road
Winter Park, FL 32792
Phone: (407) 671-5055 Email: hbotdoctor@aol.com Website: http://www.centralfloridahyperbarics.com/intensive-suit

Central Florida Hyperbaric O2 is proud to work in conjunction with Innovative Children’s Therapy, Inc. to provide an effective combination of HBOT and intensive therapy. We believe that HBOT is more effective for many clients when they are concurrently participating in a focused, challenging, and functional therapy program."

Innovative Children's Therapy offers intensive physical and occupational therapy to children with neuromuscular disorders. Innovative specializes in intensive suit therapy utilizing the Therasuit™ and the universal exercise unit in conjunction with traditional therapy equipment and techniques to construct a program which addresses the unique needs of each child. This method of therapy is beneficial for children with cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, developmental delay, post-stroke, ataxia, athetosis, spasticity, and hypotonia.

Our Center utilizes three Hypertec Hybrid 3200 monoplace chambers. These new chambers are ASME/PVHO certified and are in compliance with National Fire Protection Association Standards. The upper portion of the patient is surrounded by clear acrylic, allowing easy monitoring by the chamber operator and for patient comfort. TV/DVD's are stationed in easy viewing positions at each chamber.

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