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CTG is a not-for-profit agency operated by a professional staff who believe in early intervention and are dedicated to helping all children reach their maximum potential for growth and development. Our staff is specialized in servicing the special needs of children. We specialize in Sensory Integration Therapy for children who are frightened or confused by the messages they get from their senses or don't process sensory input effectively.
Services provided include:

Therapy Services: Our services include individual occupational therapy evaluations and treatment as well as motor screenings and consultations. Natural environment (home, preschool, etc.) therapy is also available.

Occupational Therapy – CTG specializes in Sensory Integration Therapy, which treats children who have difficulty processing sensory input effectively. These children may be defensive (extremely sensitive) to sensory input, have difficulty regulating their behavior or difficulty knowing where they are in space. They may be sensory seekers or sensory avoiders. They may also have difficulty with motor coordination, planning motor movements, school performance and/or behavioral problems.

Physical Therapy – CTG focuses on mobility, quality of movement, strength and gross motor skills. Preventing disabilities may also be a goal for a child receiving PT. Through play, exercises and home programs, our Physical Therapists help maximize each child's skills. We also provide consultations and referrals for orthopedic concerns.

Speech and Language Therapy – CTG focuses on improving communication skills. This may involve improving oral motor skills, articulation of particular sounds, auditory processing, fluency and/or voice quality. Language goals may include vocabulary, sentence structure, alternative communication modes or pragmatic/conversational language.


ABC’S & 123’S HANDWRITING GROUP – Handwriting is an important part of the educational process and an essential skill needed throughout life. If your child has difficulties writing neatly with accurate letter formation or has poor legibility, our handwriting class is just the summer group to enhance these fundamental skills. The Handwriting Without Tears program will be utilized. Ages: 6 – 8 years – Your child needs to be able to participate in a group setting.
Requirements: Completion of Kindergarten or 1st grade & Knowledge/Recognition of the alphabet.

FINE MOTOR ENHANCEMENT GROUP – Here is a chance to enrich and strengthen your preschooler or kindergartner’s fine motor skills in a small group environment with a variety of fun activities including cutting, coloring, and tracing. This group provides opportunities to develop essential fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, as well as self-esteem. The Handwriting Without Tears program will be utilized. Ages: 4 – 6 years – Your child needs to be able to participate in a group setting.

SENSORY EXPLORERS I – Rich in sensory experiences, this class will help your child improve motor skills and sensory processing. Develop balance and coordination, explore space and have some fun through jumping, spinning, galloping, pushing, climbing and tactile experiences. Creative play, fine motor play and music are an integral part of this program designed to heighten sensory motor awareness and enhance gross and fine motor skills. Ages: 4 – 5 years – Your child needs to be able to participate in a group setting.

SENSORY EXPLORERS II – This group will provide loads of sensory experiences to enhance sensory processing and develop motor skills. The explorers will be challenged to use their motor planning skills and learn about maintaining an efficient arousal level (not too fast / not too slow). Through the use of swings, ramps, scooters, tactile activities, and heavy work activities this group promises lots of fun! Ages: 6 – 8 years – Your child needs to be able to participate in a group setting.

SOCIAL LANGUAGE FUN – This group was created for children who experience difficulties with social, pragmatic, and expressive language skills. Social interaction and communication go hand in hand. Skills such as social greetings and awareness of others (e.g., eye contact, perspective) as well as how to interact with peers (e.g., how to join in play) among other skills will be practiced in this engaging group. Role-playing, stories, themes and activities will be utilized to practice these skills with peers. Language I – Ages: 4 – 5 years (preschool) / Language II – Ages: 5 – 7 years

FRIENDSHIP & FUN – Friendship & Fun is an engaging group that utilizes a variety of fun activities such as art, cooking, game playing, and more to encourage friendship and build social skills. Skills such as conversation skills, conflict resolution, listening skills, and collaborating with peers will be emphasized and individual needs will be considered in the activity planning for this group. Friendship I – Ages: 7 – 9 years / Friendship II – Ages: 10 – 12.

Other Services – Our professional staff is also available for parent education and teacher in-service presentations to provide information in the areas of speech and language development, gross and fine motor development and sensory integration. We are therapy providers for Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County, the birth to three program.

Therapeutic Listening™ – uses sound training in combination with sensory integrative treatment techniques. The program uses equipment and music to produce specific effects on listening skills. Listening is a function of the whole body and has wide reaching effects. The sound stimulation used in Therapeutic Listening™ seems to set up the nervous system in preparation for skill growth. A Therapeutic Listening™ program is specially designed for each client by an occupational therapist trained and certified in the program. It requires the purchase of specific headphones and CD's for use at home. The listening is done 1-2 times daily for 30-60 minutes. A therapist trained in Therapeutic Listening™ must evaluate the child to determine if the program would be beneficial.


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