Developmental Services, Southwest Inc. (KS)

Address: 1808 Palace Drive,, Suite C
Garden City,, KS 67846
Phone: (620) 275-7521 Website:

The following services are available from contracting Community Service Providers within the SDSI service area or in some cases may be self-directed with the use of a payroll agent. New or increased access to any of these services is contingent upon the availability of funds.
Case Management
Residential Supports
Day Supports
Supported Employment
Supportive Home Care
Personal Assistant Services
Overnight Respite
Sleep Cycle Support
Specialized Medical Care
Wellness Monitoring
Medical Alert Rental
Assistive Services


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Great Bend:
1105 Main, Suite D
Great Bend, Ks. 67530
Phone: (620) 793-7604 / Toll Free 888-793-7604


Garden City:

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