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Topeka,, KS 66604-1995
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Easter Seals Capper Foundation provides exceptional individualized services to ensure that people with disabilities and their families have opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.

Vision: Believing that all people should enjoy access, opportunities and independence, we will maximize the number of people served.

Who We Serve: Easter Seals Capper Foundation provides services to children, teenagers and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Children, Youth and Family Services:

Autism Services and Support Group – The Autism Services Program at Easter Seals Capper Foundation is committed to being a community leader in improving the quality of life and independent functioning of individuals with autism through training, communication, and collaboration.

Behavioral Services- A collaborative effort with training to help a family support the needs of the individual with ASD in the home and community for an improved quality of life. ABA learning styles:
Training & Improving Social Skills
Behavioral Assessment & Planning
Minimizing Challenging Behaviors
Using Principles of Reinforcement to achieve goals
Providing structured activities
Development & Implementation of a home communication program
Training and Support for self care skills
Infant Development
Kidlink Childcare & Preschool
Pediatric Therapy Services
Recreation Services

Topeka Autism Support Group- Meets on the first Wednesday of the month at Easter Seals Capper Foundation and provides opportunities for parent-to-parent sharing of resources and for community professionals to provide training, education and support for parents of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Infant Development:
We have specialized skills in a variety of areas, such as sensory integration, oral motor and feeding difficulties, neuro-developmental therapy (NDT), and augmentative communication. We involve the family in all aspects of therapy to enhance the effectiveness of the child's individualized therapy program. Therapy sessions are individualized to meet the needs of each child and to facilitate achievement of developmental milestones.

Kidlink Childcare and Preschool Program:
Quality childcare and preschool services are the same, despite ability or disability, and should be provided in an inclusive environment. Our goal is to assist children to maximize their strengths and opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment.

Pediatric Therapy Services:
Capper specializes in Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Therapy for children with mild, moderate, and severe impairments.

Adult Day Services:
Recreation, adult education, and skill development in a supportive environment. Adult Day Services are activities that provide a sense of participation, accomplishment, personal reward, contribution or remuneration serving to increase independence and participation in the community and can include recreation, adult education, and skill development.

Adult Residential Services:
Supports include activities of daily living, household chores, food preparation and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable living independently. Adult Residential Services are provided to those who live in a residential setting and meet certain qualifications. Supports may include activities of daily living, such as personal grooming, household chores, food preparation and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable living in a non-institutional setting.

Employment Services:
Job development, supported employment and job coaching to prepare individuals to work or volunteer in the community. Training opportunities are available on site in the areas of Business Support, Small Engine Repair, Custom Furniture Shop and a Coffee Shop. The goal is to provide competitive work in an integrated setting with ongoing support tailored to each individual’s skills and designed to assist persons in finding and maintaining employment.

In-Home Supports:
Individualized services including attendant care, accessing medical care, assistance with ambulation, exercise, household services and maintenance. Individualized (one-to-one) services to assist persons living with someone meeting the definition of a family and can include attendant care, assistance with medications, accessing medical care, ambulation and exercise, various household services and maintenance.

Targeted Case Management:
Assessment, support planning, coordination, and transition planning for those with physical or developmental disabilities assistance to identify, select, obtain, coordinate and use both paid services and natural supports as available.

Wellness Monitoring:
Caring, skilled registered nursing (RN) care to evaluate wellness including monitoring of blood pressure, respiration, pulse, skin characteristics, medication adjustments and personal hygiene.

Business Support Center:
Our mail production site strives to provide both full and part-time work. The Business Support Center provides a variety of services to meet the needs of the business community.

Community Services:
Ability Awareness Workshops:
Designed to increase awareness of everyday differences between all people and to increase sensitivity to the challenges of people with disabilities, participants learn to focus on people's abilities, not limitations, through interactions with hands-on activities. Participants learn to see the person instead of the disability. Adaptive equipment (wheelchairs, communication devices, switches and environmental controls) is used to heighten awareness of how people with disabilities utilize the equipment to function in everyday activities. Workshop activities are applicable to various age groups.

Professional & Family Training:
The Capper Professional and Family Training program is designed to enhance clinical decision-making skills, therapy, and educational techniques for direct service providers, personal attendants and parents with the ultimate outcome of enhancing the independence of people they work and live with who have disabilities.
The Capper Professional and Family Training program provides both continuing education workshops and customized training services.


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