Foothills Gateway, Inc.

Address: 301 W. Skyway Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: (970) 226-2345 Email: Website:

Foothills Gateway’s mission is to empower and support citizens with cognitive disabilities, their families, and other populations, as appropriate, to achieve their maximum potential and independence. Our vision is to be the Premier Provider of supports for individuals with cognitive disabilities and their families while maintaining our guiding principals as we grow.
At Foothills Gateway, we empower the abilities that make us unique. It's a mission we've had for more than 35 years – and one we continue to believe in. Because after all, when you highlight the achievements of the human spirit, everyone succeeds. We invite you to spend a few moments to learn about a few of the indiviuals at Foothills Gateway and learn about their unique abilities.

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