Georgia Community Support and Solutions (GCSS)

Address: 1945 Cliff Valley Way, Suite 220
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: (404) 634-4222 Fax: (404) 6341324 Website:

Georgia Community Support and Solutions (GCSS)  is a non-profit agency headquartered in Atlanta, was created to provide community-based services and supports to people with disabilities and their families.

Since then, GCSS has broadened its mission and creative options of service to include not only individuals with Developmental Disabilities, but people with Mental Health and Addictive Diseases and those who are in need of Aging and Support Services.

Over the last several years, GCSS has built an outstanding reputation in Georgia for its innovative programs and willingness to take on challenging support situations for people in their communities. Currently, GCSS has over 300 employees who provide all levels of support in the community to people with a variety of needs including residential support, employment services, respite care, family support, in-home care and day programs. To date, GCSS has provided support and service to over 10,000 Georgians.

With 13 different program options, there is a service or support option perfect for you.  Click HERE to learn what GCSS has to offer.


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