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Kids’ Time Therapies is a State of the Art facility located in a central location of the Five Boroughs of New York City. We offer comprehensive evaluations and treatment of various Neurological, developmental, and physical disorders. Treatment is performed by highly trained and New York licensed therapists. Treatment age ranges from new born to school age children.

Our mission is to offer children with special needs and their families the services to help them develop and enhance skills necessary to build relationships and live productive lives. To build a bridge and breakdown barriers, so that one day children with special needs will be able to live in their communities without any boundaries.

Our Services Include:

Sensory Integrated Therapy – Sensory Integration is the Brain’s ability to organize information received through the senses and produce an adapted response in relation to the environment. Some children have difficulty with processing information from within their environment and their responses to the environment are maladaptive. They may perceive the sensory information being taken in as overwhelming, confusing, or distorted. Many times simple activities are frustrating for them and they cannot feel the usual sense of security, confidence, and happiness that other children feel. These children may dislike or avoid certain activities, may not be able to stay focused with in a group, may appear fidgety or in constant motion, may be having difficulties in school with staying in their chair, focusing or even organizing their space.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy (work with children from birth to 21) – Occupational Therapists work with children to help develop the skills necessary for participation in everyday life.Occupational Therapists can utilize many different frameworks in order to help a child reach their optimal functioning level. One approach that an Occupational Therapist uses is a Sensory Integrated approach.

By using framework of Sensory Integration the Therapist will utilize treatment strategies to improve underlying problems in order to help the child organize himself and be able to exhibit more appropriate behaviors and responses to the environment.

Additionally a sensory protocol aka “sensory diet” could be developed by the Occupational Therapist to provide the child with the needed activities to calm or alert their Nervous System. Activities can be scheduled into a child’s day which would provide or modify sensory input to help the child be able to function better within the environment, and sometimes just simple changes in the Childs environment can be very effective in changing behavior.

Pediatric Physical Therapy – Promotes the normal component of movement throughout the body. Our Physical Therapists are highly trained individuals with several years of experience treating the Pediatric population. Each treatment plan will be specific for each Childs needs.

Counseling Services – Available to those eligible. Our licensed therapists implement behavior management procedures. They collaborate with the child's teachers, parents, and any other related service providers to create safe, healthy, and supportive environments for all children.

Special Education – Kids Time Therapies is pleased to announce that Kids Time Development Services SLP, OT & Chiropractic, PLLC has New York State approval to provide Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) Services. In addition, related services, such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling can be coordinated when a child is so mandated. Services can be provided in the child's natural environment, including the child's home, daycare center, Head Start program or school. We have a team of qualified licensed teachers and support staff to offer multilingual and multicultural services to all the five boroughs of New York. We have an experienced team of special education teachers that include those trained in the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) methodology.


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