Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

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On September 21, 2001 a new law went into effect that is designed to provide a mechanism for enhancing access to fishing, hunting, and trapping opportunities for permanently disabled individuals. We believe this landmark legislation provides the flexibility needed to effectively provide for the needs of the diverse community of disabled hunters, anglers and trappers in Maine. It brings Maine to the forefront in regards efforts to enhance access to these highly valued outdoor activities.

The law authorizes the Commissioner to issue a special permit to a person with a permanent physical disability.
The permit allows that person to hunt, trap, or fish at times or in a manner otherwise prohibited by Maine law in order to enhance access to hunting, trapping, or fishing opportunities.

The law also directs the Commissioner to establish a Disabled Hunter, Trapper, and Angler Advisory Committee to provide advice and assistance that will promote and enhance access to hunting, fishing, and trapping opportunities for permanently disabled persons. The law specifies that the committee be composed of four disabled persons; a licensed physician; a representative of a state agency that works on disability issues; two statewide organizations representing hunters, trappers, or anglers; and one interested person.
Click the link provided below for information on special permits and licenses provided.
Maine Wildlife Accessibility:
Phone: (207) 657-4977
The Maine Wildlife Park receives hundreds of visitors each year from wheelchair bound groups, veterans groups, groups with cognitive disabilities, and many others; they all seem to navigate well and enjoy the park.  Feel free to contact the park if special arrangements are necessary

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