National Speech / Language Therapy Center

Address: 5606 Shields Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817
Phone: (301) 493-0023 Fax: (301) 4938230 Website:

National Speech is a family oriented practice specializing in the evaluation and treatment of pediatric speech and language disorders, learning differences and behavioral challenges.  National Speech/Language Therapy Center treats children with a variety of speech, language and cognitive disorders and difficulties.  Our assortment of services allows us to customize a program that will provide a personal and unique program for your child.

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    Apraxia and Motor Planning difficulties
    Articulation difficulties
    Auditory Processing disorders
    Autism Spectrum disorders
    Cognitive challenges
    Executive Function weaknesses
    Hearing Impairments
    Language delays and disorders
    Neurological disorders
    Reading and Writing weaknesses
    Tongue Thrust 

Early Detection Program – The Early Detection Program is a community outreach program designed to help with early identification of children who may be at risk for language or learning struggles.  To assist in early identification, National Speech/Language Therapy Center offers FREE speech, language, learning and reading screenings for parents who are concerned about any aspect of their child's speech and language development, 


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