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Pediatric Physical Therapy is often prescribed for children who have gross motor disorders, including Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Down Syndrome, or other neuromuscular disorders. The “Intensive Physical Therapy” model, which was originally inspired by Eastern European methods pioneered in the 1970’s, has been emerging in North America as an effective way to create functional skills in children who have non-progressive neuromuscular disorders. Euro-Peds out of Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan in Pontiac, Michigan, was the first clinic in North America to specialize exclusively in Intensive Pediatric Physical Therapy.


After extensive research into the intensive therapy techniques that were pioneered in Eastern Europe, a commitment was made to open the world’s first hospital-based intensive pediatric therapy clinic. In October 1999, the Euro-Peds® clinic opened as part of the non-profit hospital, North Oakland Medical Centers in Pontiac, Michigan. The hospital hired physical therapists that specialized in this unique therapy, and the program took off immediately. While originally focusing on the treatment of children with cerebral palsy, the clinic has evolved to successfully treat children with a variety of special needs such as Traumatic Brain Injuries, Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome and a wide variety of other non-progressive neuromuscular disorders. 


In 2008, the Euro-Peds® program was purchased by Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan, a Joint Commission accredited acute-care hospital; the clinic continues treating children and young adults with neuromuscular disorders in its original location in Pontiac, Michigan.


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