Special Recreation of Joliet & Channahon (SRJC)

Address: 24856 West Earnes Street, Channahon Park District
Channahon, IL 60410
Phone: (815) 467-7275 x160 Fax: (815) 4675677 Website: https://www.channahonpark.org/special-recreation/


"Special Recreation of Joliet and Channahon (SRJC) is a cooperative extension of the Joliet and Channahon Park District that provides year round recreational activities for individuals who wish to participate in alternative park district programs. Individuals of varying ability levels can actively participate in a variety of recreational programs. These programs are designed to help participants who may have physical or mental disabilities, sensory impairment or any other type of disability develop leisure skills, independent living skills and motor skills. In addition to all of these benefits, the most important is to have fun! All full-time Therapeutic Recreation Specialist or qualified program leader staffs each program. A dedicated full-time staff and volunteers assist them.
Transportation is available for some programs to residents of Channahon and Joliet. Payment plans; late pick-ups, and other services are available to all participants."

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