St. Louis Society for Children and Adults with Physical Disabilities

Address: 1187 Corporate Lake Drive, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63132
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"St. Louis Society for the Physically Disabled (St. Louis Society) meets the needs of our community by empowering people with physical disabilities through unique and innovative support, recreation, transportation and advocacy.  St. Louis Society promotes equality by emphasizing abilities. St. Louis Society for the Physically Disabled was established in 1927 and has been in continuous service to people with physical disabilities in the St. Louis area since that time.  Formerly known as the St. Louis Society for Crippled Children, our first programs included a clinic for examination, treatment, and referral, preschool and recreational activities, and promotion of the issue of disabled accessibility in public buildings and property.
St. Louis Society for the Physically Disabled was instrumental in establishing a home teaching program for children in the public school system in St. Louis City and County which continued in active operation, with paid in-home teachers from the Society as late as the mid-1950’s.  This role was changed with the establishment of Elias Michael School within the City of St. Louis, and the establishment of the Special School District in St. Louis County .St. Louis Society's programs are available to youth and adults with physical disabilities in the St. Louis metropolitan area – developmental or physical disabilities that include, but are not limited to: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, amputation, heart defects, and Down syndrome are eligible to participate in our programming. To learn more about the programs we offer visit the Programs page.  To see an example of our various outings, visit The Source page.  To enroll in one, complete this online application.
Youth Programs – Youth programs are offered by St. Louis Society.  Our Community Recreation is a year-round recreation program that offers children the opportunity to become part of their communities by participating in various outings throughout the St. Louis area.
The After School Program focuses on improving quality of life through physical exercise and provides an opportunity for social interaction. This program runs throughout the school year at the Gateway Michael School, Monday thru Thursday from 3 pm – 4:30 pm.
Sports Camp is held in the month of June for one week for youth between the ages of 6-21 with a physical disability! Activities include basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, music and art therapy, t-ball, and much more! Eligible ages: 6-21 yrs of age.  Adult Programs
Out & About Social Programs are available regularly throughout the year.  Attending an Out & About Social is an opportunity to make new friends, gain new experiences and get ideas for other events. Costs listed are only estimates and automatically include the price of Society transportation. Participants must still keep in mind the number of vouchers they may use per quarter (currently 16). Sign-up begins on a date midway through the month prior to the event(s). "

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