The University of Oregon Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

Address: 901 E. 18th Ave., Clinical Services Building
Eugene, OR 97403-5252
Phone: (974) 346-3591 Fax: (541) 3462594 Email: Website:

Our mission is to be of assistance in improving the quality of life for Oregonians and all persons with developmental disabilities and their families. To accomplish this, we provide:
1) Training 2) Technical Assistance 3) Interdisiciplinary Training 4) Dissemination 5) Networking 6) Model Development
that respond effectively, in a culturally competent fashion, to the multiple needs of individuals and their families from diverse racial, cultural, ethnic and linguistic groups.
We are in the College of Education at the University of Oregon and perform coordination and management functions for the Center on Human Development (CHD). People of all ages are involved in our programs, services, and research. These activities involve preschool and school-age children, as well as youth and adults.

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