University of Maryland Children’s Hospital

Address: 22 South Greene Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-856-3828 Website:

Located on the west side of downtown Baltimore, the Medical Center is distinguished by discovery-driven tertiary and quaternary care for the entire state and region and innovative, highly specialized clinical programs.

Recognized statewide and regionally as a center of excellence for children with critical illnesses and complex, chronic conditions, UMCH combines state-of-the-art medicine with family-centered care.

Children have specific physiological and emotional needs that differ from adults’. That is why the UMCH has its own pharmacy and pediatric emergency room, both run by highly trained personnel.We provide round-the-clock care in our 24/7 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, putting our most talented experts at the bedside of the sickest, most vulnerable patients. We have also established a new Pediatric ECMO Program, allowing care for children who need life-saving cardiopulmonary support.

Located within the University of Maryland Medical Center, our “Hospital within a Hospital” is able to rely on the expertise of specialists throughout

In addition to our clinical resources, UMCH is a national leader in children’s health care research. Our highly respected and well-funded research activities allow us to explore the nature of various childhood illnesses.

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