Valley View Elementary School

Address: 3555 N. Milwaukee Street
Boise, ID 83704
Phone: (208) 854-6370 Fax: (208) 8546371 Email: Website:

Valley View is a K-6th school with a solid staff, supportive community, and 440 wonderful students! The professionalism and work ethic of the Valley View staff is top notch! Valley View has established a sound reputation for academic excellence, consistently scoring above District and State averages on standardized testing. Valley View is committed to providing a warm and a positive learning environment where students and staff uphold the Boise District's values of respect, dignity, honesty, responsibility, and teamwork.

About Our School

Valley View Elementary has an enrollment of about 500 students, serving students from kindergarten through 6th grade.
We are on the same time schedule as most elementary schools in Boise, 8:40 – 3:15, with morning and afternoon kindergarten sessions.
We have a large playground and field area, with lots of play equipment and blacktop areas for basketball, tetherball, four square, hopscotch, and jump rope. Our fields are used for school activities as well as community football and softball leagues.
Our gym is used for our daily PE program, for boys and girls basketball activities in an after school instructional program, and also by Y-ball and other community groups. The building is frequently used in the evenings as a meeting place for community and neighborhood organizations.
Our History

Valley View Elementary School was built at the same time as Maple Grove and Owyhee Schools, and opened in September 1969. Valley View and Owyhee were both built with "pod" classrooms, wherein three classes of students meet in wings connected to a central meeting area where supplies and audio-visual equipment are kept. The school's eighteen classrooms have movable walls and were originally meant to facilitate team teaching.

Valley View is located on Milwaukee Street, which has become one of the busiest streets in Boise. The school is also just down the road from Capital High School, and well-organized crossing guard teams have their jobs cut out for them in the early morning hours. The school has a large playground which borders the adjoining neighborhood.

Valley View probably got its name from the Valley View School District which once existed in West Boise. This District, for which the formal name was Common District # 7, was annexed into the Boise District in 1941.

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