Van Buren Elementary School

Address: 3115 Marble Front Rd.
Caldwell, ID 83605
Phone: (208) 455-3326 Fax: (208) 4553329 Website:

Van Buren Elementary School, located in Caldwell Idaho, is part of the Caldwell School District. Van Buren is committed to developing each student's capacity to think, reason, and use one's mind well, and to ensure that each student develops the understandings, skills, and habits that make it possible to participate fully in the life of a complex, diverse community.

We believe learning occurs best in an environment of mutual respect where it is safe to take risks, explore new possibilities, and collaborate with one another. We hold high expectations for ourselves and for our students, and trust each person to contribute their very best to this learning community. Ethnic and cultural diversity strengthens our community and provides an invaluable resource to the learning of each member of the community.

We believe that all students can and will learn if presented with the right opportunities to do so. It is our responsibility to ensure that each day each child experiences success in moving toward the standards that identify what students should know and be able to do and toward the balance needed to become a lifelong learner.

We believe each of us has unique skills and talents to be identified and nurtured as we become self-directed, creative thinkers and problem solvers. We are committed to the continuous learning of all of the members of our school community which includes questioning past practices, taking risks, and creating new possibilities that better meet the needs of each of our students, our staff, and our community.

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