Volunteer Counseling Service, Rockland Student Advocacy Program

Address: 77 South Main Street
New City, NY 10956
Phone: (845) 634-5729 x320 Fax: (845) 6347839 Email: dmurnion@vcs-inc.org Website: http://www.vcs-inc.org

Since 1970, VCS Inc., a non-profit organization located in Rockland County, New York, has provided continuous service and programs throughout the Hudson Valley and in other areas as determined by the needs of the community.

The VCS mission is to provide hope and promote social justice for individuals, families and communities through counseling and community change. VCS employs a unique combination of professional staff, trained volunteers and collaborative partnerships to create innovative responses to pressing social needs and issues.

Clinical Services: VCS Clinical Services offers a range of programs for people from adolescence to older adulthood, including:
Counseling Program
Adolescent Services
Parenting Classes
Separation/Divorce Services
Services for Older Adults & Their Families
LGBT Clinical Services
Employee Assistance Program Services for Small Businesses
Relatives As Parents Program
Support Group for Care Givers
Vets for Vets
Kinship Care Program
Student Advocacy
Parent Education and Awareness Programs (PEAP)

Foster Grandparent Program – VCS Foster Grandparent Program offers the opportunity for people 55+ to mentor special students and receive a stipend and other benefits for this commitment.

Community Change:
The multi-service VCS Community Change Project provides a critical analysis of the social and political conditions relating to domestic violence, racism, sexism, heterosexism, bias-related incidents and other issues of oppression. The community programs developed to achieve the goals of the Project include:
New York Model for Batterer Programs
Gay Pride Rockland
Ongoing Initiatives


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