CPFN was founded to help everyone impacted by CP and birth injuries – including children, their families and their loved ones. Within our community, you will discover many ways to connect with one another, both online (through our Facebook page & CP Hero features) and in-person (through our events). From CP fundraisers and community events to connecting on Facebook and sharing photos capturing day-to-day life, countless families have found the friendship, care and support they needed along their CP journey.

CP Hero

While living with a child who has CP can be demanding or frustrating at times, it can be extremely rewarding and inspiring. We want to hear the wonderful stories about the CP heroes who inspire you and put a smile on your face! Whether your child, grandchild or friend, share about your CP Hero here.


Wherever you may live, CP unites us all in our fight to raise awareness and do the best job possible in raising our children. Events are held around the world in honor of CP, both to raise awareness and provide an opportunity for families to network, share stories and offer support. View CP Events.

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Hundreds of families impacted by CP unnecessarily have gotten justice and life-changing financial compensation – and we want to share a few of their stories with you. View the life-changing stories.

“We suspected medical mistakes and birth injuries were to blame for our child’s cerebral palsy, and knew we needed legal help. JJS Justice found the answers to our questions and won settlements that will take care of our child for the rest of our lives.”

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