We created CPFN to provide individuals and families impacted by CP and birth injuries with a one-stop-shop that answers all of your questions and provides a comprehensive list of the resources you may need along the way. We have gathered helpful information on treatments and therapies, curated a list of financial resources and created specific tools to help you manage your child’s care. Families in our community have recommended many organizations and resources which you can find within our Resource Directory, and we welcome your additions! See more details below about the Directory and how to contribute.

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With nearly 10,000 resources, our Directory is always growing, and we welcome your additions. Fill out the form below to share information about your favorite organization(s) and help caregivers find resources near them.

Cerebral Palsy Online Resource Directory

In the Resource Directory, we have assembled a database of support organizations across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, that specifically serve children with cp and other birth injuries. We invite you to download our guides, search the databases and share the helpful information you discover with the CPFN community on Facebook.

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