Cerebral Palsy Hero 1/24/24 – Lucas

Let’s give a warm CPFN welcome to today’s #CPHero, Lucas! This 15-year-old high school freshman was diagnosed with spastic hemiplegia CP when he was three years old. His left side is affected, and he requires the use of an AFO brace on his left ankle. Lucas has worked both in and out of school with... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 12/6/23 – Allison

Say hi to today’s #CPHero, Allison! Born at 25 weeks, this inspirational small-town girl received a diagnosis of mild cerebral palsy with some developmental and physical disabilities. Now 27, she runs her own ministry—the KTLM (Kindness through Letters Mission) Project—personally sending letters and cards to people all over the world! #inspiration #cp #cerebralpalsy #hero #dailyinspo Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 11/29/23 – Red

Everyone give a warm CPFN greeting to today’s #CPHero, Red! Red was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy at 3 years old but that’s never stopped him from smiling! Red loves a good joke and some of his favourite things to do are ride his pedal bike (which he learned this past summer after 3... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 10/26/23 – Stella

Let’s give a huge CPFN welcome to today’s #CPHero, Stella! Like many of our CP Heroes, Stella had a bit of a rocky start. She stopped moving in utero and was born two months early. She spent the next two months in the NICU, followed by a proposed CP diagnosis at eight months. Stella has... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 9/13/23 – Joshua

Let’s welcome today’s #CPHero, Joshua! An in-utero stroke resulted in Joshua being diagnosed with both epilepsy and cerebral palsy, followed by brain surgery at age 3 and numerous other surgeries throughout his life. Nevertheless, he has grown up to be an amazing young man who graduated from high school in 2022, showing the world that... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/13/23 – Dylan

Let’s all say hi to today’s #CPHero, Dylan! This fiercely independent 9-year-old lets nothing stand in his way. He suffered a stroke during birth, which led to a diagnosis of hemiplegic cerebral palsy at age 1. Dylan has been in and out of therapy ever since, with a goal of doing therapy on his own... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/6/23 – Vincent

Let’s give a warm CPFN welcome to today’s #CP Hero, Vincent! Born 7 weeks early and diagnosed with spastic diplegia, this cheeky 5-year-old doesn’t let anything slow him down. He attends mainstream primary school, a trampoline/gymnastics club, and horseback riding classes, as well as hydrotherapy and physio sessions. This busy guy still has time for... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/30/23 – Kayden

Let’s all say hi to today’s #CP Hero, Kayden! Born at 24 weeks, Kayden (KK) can only walk with assistance and is learning to use a one-handed wheelchair and a communication tablet. Though non-verbal, this happy and outgoing young man has no trouble sharing his opinion or letting you know he’s hungry. He attends elementary... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/27/23 – Mimi

Let’s give a warm CPFN welcome to today’s #CPHero, Mimi! Mimi continues being an inspiration to many as she marks her place in this world. She enjoys helping people and has even written a book to help spread cerebral palsy awareness. #inspiration #cp #cerebralpalsy #hero #dailyinspo Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/23/23 – Parsa

Let’s give a shout-out to returning #CPHero, Parsa! Now 12 years old, he continues to enjoy playing games, music, swimming, and food. The family still lives in Iraq and, of course, Parsa is always a joy to everyone he meets. #inspiration #cp #cerebralpalsy #hero #dailyinspo Read More

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