Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/30/23 – Kayden

Let’s all say hi to today’s #CP Hero, Kayden! Born at 24 weeks, Kayden (KK) can only walk with assistance and is learning to use a one-handed wheelchair and a communication tablet. Though non-verbal, this happy and outgoing young man has no trouble sharing his opinion or letting you know he’s hungry. He attends elementary... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/27/23 – Mimi

Let’s give a warm CPFN welcome to today’s #CPHero, Mimi! Mimi continues being an inspiration to many as she marks her place in this world. She enjoys helping people and has even written a book to help spread cerebral palsy awareness. #inspiration #cp #cerebralpalsy #hero #dailyinspo Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/23/23 – Parsa

Let’s give a shout-out to returning #CPHero, Parsa! Now 12 years old, he continues to enjoy playing games, music, swimming, and food. The family still lives in Iraq and, of course, Parsa is always a joy to everyone he meets. #inspiration #cp #cerebralpalsy #hero #dailyinspo Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/20/23 – Mila

Everyone say hi to today’s #CPHero, Mila! This 7-year-old an incredibly sweet disposition, is very affectionate, and is known for being an amazing cuddle bug! She and her twin sister, Mina, were born 3 months early due to complications from TTTS and spent 9 weeks in the NICU. Mila suffered a brain injury at birth... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/16/23 – Azalea

Let’s give a huge CPFN shout-out to today’s #CPHero, Azalea! This 15-year-old is a great kid, a complete social butterfly, and doesn’t let multiple disabilities get in her way of living a fulfilling life. She loves animals, newborn babies, live music, lucha libre, musical theater, and speaking Spanish. Born at 27 weeks, Azalea developed hydrocephalus... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/13/23 – Shayla

We’d like you to meet today’s #CPHero, Shayla! Shayla was born with cerebral palsy, but it hasn’t stopped her from being great! Her mom raised her to have high self-esteem, to know that she is just as important as anyone else, to know that she can achieve whatever is in her reach, and the sky... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/5/23 – Jameson

We’d like all of you to meet today’s #CPHero, Jameson! Born with HIE, Jameson underwent cooling therapy just after birth, and later received a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He is a sweet prankster who works hard at all his countless therapies. Jameson loves music, aquariums, being outside, going on hikes, and hanging with... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/5/23 – Dia

Everyone say hi to today’s #CPHero, Dia! This strong, bright, beautiful, and intelligent young lady, though considered non-verbal, has been working hard on her communication skills through verbal prompts and communication devices. Dia is also learning to use a gait trainer, and hand-over-hand self-feeding. Her favorite sayings are “Let’s go!”, ” Go to school”, and... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 3/20/23 – Marlee

Let’s have a warm CPFN greeting for today’s #CPHero, Marlee! Born with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, this 7th grader loves hanging out with her best friend, making videos, playing video games, and her dog, Luna. Everyone say hi! #inspiration #cp #cerebralpalsy #hero #dailyinspo Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 3/13/23 – Ahmad

Let’s give a warm welcome to today’s #CPHero, Ahmad! Born at 24 weeks and weighing just over 2 pounds, Ahmad was not expected to hear, see, talk, or walk. Seems the doctors only got the walking bit right. His mother calls him an amazing genius because he was an honor roll student from kindergarten on,... Read More

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