Cerebral Palsy Hero 3/26/24 – Brianna

Everyone say hi to today’s #CPHero, Brianna! Despite a rocky start that included a trach tube, restraint therapy casting, and many surgeries, 10-year-old “Lady Bri” has always been a trooper. Doctors told the family she would never walk or talk, and that brain damage would confine her to a wheelchair. But her family never gave up hope and Bri has proven that miracles do happen. The family is currently seeking funding for a service dog to help her learn and grow, and she has her eyes set on female goldendoodle.

Bri has a passion for singing and playing the drums for “Pink Glasses,” the family band, and the entire house revolves around music because of the joy it brings her. She loves the series Young Sheldon, constantly laughing out loud while watching. That laughter is infectious, and it’s impossible not join in.

Bri is a little angel who has brought her family closer together than they ever imagined. They know anything is possible because they have seen the miracles that have come with Brianna. She is their Hero of the Day, every day!

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