Originally started by a group of families whose children developed cerebral palsy (CP) due to medical errors and birth injuries, the Cerebral Palsy Family Network (CPFN) is the world's largest online community for connecting and supporting families like theirs.

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We Are a Community That Understands

Caring for a child with CP can be confusing and, at times, lonely. CPFN is a place where you can ask questions, connect with families facing similar challenges, and gain insights into how to give your child the best care possible. Whether your child’s CP was the result of a medical error or some other cause, you’ll find a wealth of information and encouragement on our pages.

We Are Stronger Together

We know first-hand how overwhelming CP can be. Armed with the knowledge of over 100K community members, we’ve outlined the diagnosis process, medical resources and treatments, as well as potential solutions to financial pitfalls many families encounter. By connecting with other families and sharing what works, we are stronger together.

Commonly Asked Questions about CP

  • What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral palsy is the name for a group of permanent, non-progressive disorders, caused by a birth or brain injury, either abnormal development of the brain, or damage to the developing brain. It is a motor disability, meaning that the neurological interference from abnormal development or damage impacts a child’s ability to control his or her muscles. There are three types of CP: spastic CP, dyskinetic or athetoid CP, and ataxic CP.
  • What Treatments are Available for CP? There are many different potential treatments for CP, and they include medications, such as medications to treat spasticity and seizures; surgical options, such as procedures to improve muscle tightness or correct bone abnormalities caused by spasticity; and various therapies, such as those designed to manage symptoms and pain or improve various functions. Just as every child is different, so are the treatments and therapies needed. Discuss with your child’s medical team your unique needs and circumstances, as well as the various types of treatments and therapies that may be helpful for your child.
  • How is Cerebral Palsy Diagnosed? In many cases, CP is diagnosed once it becomes apparent that a child is not meeting developmental milestones. Diagnosis often involves a series of diagnostic tests, such as imaging tests and brain scans, magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalogram, and cranial ultrasound.
  • What Are the Causes of CP? Generally, the events that cause CP occur before, during, or shortly after a baby is born. Causes of CP include lack of oxygen, whether due to birth asphyxia, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, or another condition; labor and delivery complications presenting a birth injury; and negligence or malpractice by a doctor, medical professional, or the hospital.
  • What Are the Symptoms of CP? The symptoms of CP include muscle stiffness, spasticity, involuntary movements, and difficulty walking or with fine motor skills. They often also include delays in development, including speech and motor skill impairments, intellectual disabilities, and learning difficulties. Various other conditions and symptoms can accompany a cerebral palsy diagnosis, including seizures, vision problems, and bladder and bowel issues.

About CPFN

In partnership with Howard Janet, founder of the Cerebral Palsy Family Lawyers of Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC, as well as Dr. Giles Manley, a board-certified OBGYN, CPFN provides families with access to the educational, emotional, and financial resources they need to care for their loved ones. Dr. Manley brings to the CPFN Medical Review Board more than 20 years of experience in the medical profession.

If you feel that healthcare provider negligence contributed to your child’s brain injuries and ensuing diagnosis, the Cerebral Palsy Family Lawyers at Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation to start uncovering the truth behind your child’s cerebral palsy and seeking the compensation they deserve.

CP Hero

There is nothing more exciting to us than celebrating the strong and courageous individuals and families in our community who are living with cerebral palsy. We love hearing your inspirational stories and sharing them with the CPFN community as our CP Heroes. We receive submissions from families all over the world and share them here on our website and our Facebook page.
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