What is the Cerebral Palsy Family Network Care Guide?

The Care Guide is a tool for organizing and tracking all the health care information needed by medical staff and caregivers of a child with special health care needs. It’s packed with forms to record and track your child’s important healthcare information such as doctor’s visits, supplies, medications and more. It also serves as a “communications guide” for other caregivers and family members who interact with your child. The notebook is designed so that pages can be filled out and updated right on your computer screen. The pages can then be saved or printed so that home health nurses and family members will have your specific instructions and contact information at their fingertips.

What Types of Information Will it Help Organize?

You’ll find forms for a large variety of information including:

  • Emergency Information
  • Medical/Health Care Team Contact Information
  • Appointments/Tracking Logs
  • Medical Bills/Insurance Information
  • Family/Children Profile/Contact Information
  • Everyday Living Instructions
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Acronym Index – lists a wide variety of acronyms used by professionals who work with special needs families

Download a Care Guide

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