Children’s growth has been analyzed through study and research for decades. Their predicted growth has been separated into several milestones to define what the ‘average’ development timeline should look like for a young child. We have turned these milestones into a short quiz so that you can compare your child’s growth to the developmental milestones.

While it is common for children to reach milestones ahead of the predicted time or lag a bit behind, it is important to pay attention to their overall development to identify warning signs or symptoms.

If your child appears to be developing differently or at a slower rate than other children his/her age, then this quiz is for you.

Take this short quiz to help you determine whether your child might have cerebral palsy and, depending on the results, help you figure out what next steps you should take. Please keep in mind: while this test will give you a better idea whether your child has CP, it is not an official diagnostic. No matter the result, you should still schedule a formal consultation with a certified physician if you are worried about your child’s development.

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Was Your Child's CP Preventable?