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CPFN has partnered with the Cerebral Palsy Family Lawyers at Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC; a team with an OBGYN on staff, a team who understands the proper birthing and delivery process, a team that has decades of experience reviewing medical records to identify errors or medical negligence. We wanted a law firm that would uncover the truth, seek justice for our families, and recover compensation that will help us care for our child for life.

  • Over the past 40 years, they have helped over 30,000 families nationwide.
  • JJS has recovered over $3 Billion for families, including record-breaking CP jury verdicts and settlements.
  • JJS’s in-house medical experts include a board-certified OBGYN and a labor and delivery nurse, who uncover medical errors that other law firms miss.
  • They offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation and are entitled to a fee only if they recover compensation for your family.
  • They treat families like ours with compassion and respect.

Uncovering The Truth

What Should I Do if I Suspect Medical Negligence?

Obtain your medical records. Whenever you see a doctor or go to the hospital, always ask for your medical records immediately and store them in a safe place. One of CPFN’s families suspected a problem and tried to get their medical records after the fact; it took months! When the mother finally got the records, she was told by the hospital staff that the records had been kept under lock and key. If medical negligence has been at play, doctors and staff may attempt to cover up their mistake by hiding certain records or even re-writing them.

Ask for help to understand the records. The next step is to find someone who understands them; it is nearly impossible for a non-medical professional to comprehend medical jargon. Yet, within those records are the answer to the question: Was my child injured during the birthing process? It is critical that you get the help and guidance of both a medical and legal professional to uncover the truth.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

Each state imposes a deadline, known as a Statute of Limitations, for filing a lawsuit. If you miss the deadline, you can expect to lose the best opportunity to find out the truth about your child’s CP and to recover the compensation your family deserves. Contact our cerebral palsy attorneys today.

Featured Case Results

  • $33.5 Million–Delayed C-section
    A jury awarded this record-breaking verdict after finding that delays in performing an urgently needed cesarean section resulted in a baby developing severe brain damage and cerebral palsy.
  • $24.25 Million Failure to Diagnose
    A record-breaking medical malpractice jury verdict, obtained for a child who suffered brain damage and cerebral palsy because her doctors failed to properly diagnose and respond to an airway obstruction.
  • $18.1 Million Mismanaged Labor and Delivery
    Verdict obtained on behalf of a child who developed spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy after the mother was taken off of continuous electronic fetal monitoring and placed on intermittent monitoring despite known risk factors.
  • $15.5 Million Delayed Delivery
    An OBGYN’s failure to come to the hospital to assess and deliver a baby caused brain damage and cerebral palsy, resulting in a record-breaking verdict.
  • $13.5 Million Fetal Monitoring Errors
    This record jury verdict was obtained for a child’s cerebral palsy that resulted from the failure to properly interpret and respond to signs of distress that appeared on electronic fetal monitoring tracings.

Meet Some of the Families We’ve Helped

Jordan and his family–A breakdown in communication between doctors resulted in their failure to carry out the plan they devised to ensure a safe delivery.

Lizzy, and her parents, Lisa and Damon–The hospital put their medical records under lock and key.

Nathan, and his mother, Deborah–The hospital and doctors made over 11 mistakes, but it took CP Family Lawyers to uncover them.

Tiara, and her parents, Donna and Mike–They wondered if delays in performing a C-section caused Tiara’s CP.

An Experienced Legal/Medical Team

Their team leaders have earned the highest ratings available from such peer review organizations as Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers® and Martindale-Hubbell.

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