Cerebral Palsy Hero 9/28/22 – Alexis

Let’s give a huge CPFN shout to today’s #CPHero, Alexis! This 9-year-old has right side hemiplegic CP, but that doesn’t stop her from achieving anything she puts her mind to. Alexis love (and plays) baseball and karate. She also sings, draws, and loves riding her bike. She is determined; motivating and inspiring everyone she meets—especially... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 8/25/22 – Dominic

Say hello to today’s #CPHero, Dominic! Diagnosed with right-sided hemiplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy, this determined 6-year-old never lets anything or anybody stop him. He is well liked by all his peers and teachers at school, including his headmistress. He loves cars, sports, and is extremely imaginative with his play. Dominic is great fun to... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/31/22 – Suzie

Today we honor #CPHero, Suzie. Born 13 weeks early at 2 pounds 5 ounces, she had multiple strokes during her birth process that left her with severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Doctors told her family that all areas of her brain were damaged, and she would be severely mentally handicapped. As she grew, she experienced... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/9/22 – Julian

Say hello to today’s #CPHero, Julian! This kind and funny teen is a junior black belt, an amazing basketball player, and loves to fish. Diagnosed at 10 months with schizencephaly resulting in left-sided hemiplegia and epilepsy, Julian’s family was told he would likely never walk or talk. Now 13, he continues to amaze with his... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 6/14/22 – Riley

Let’s all give a CPFN shout-out to today’s #CPHero, Riley! Her hobbies include video games, swimming, bowling, and doing any type of art. She is very interested in the weather and gets very excited whenever a storm is coming. Riley loves all things Mario Brothers—her favorite is Luigi! She is completely obsessed with all things... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 6/10/22 – London

Everyone say hi to today’s #CPHero, London! Despite being only 10 years old, this brave young lady could teach many about what it is to be truly strong. After the recent loss of her mother, London is approaching her new life with determination and a smile. She loves going to the park, taking nature walks,... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 3/28/22 – Ryland

Let’s give a big round of applause to today’s #CPHero, Ryland! Born at 30 weeks after suffering an in utero stroke, doctors predicted he would neither walk nor talk. Ryland ignored their prognosis and today is doing both! He has been especially busy this month, spreading CP Awareness by wearing green and giving out green... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 3/24/22 – Aiden

Meet today’s #CPHero, Aiden! This determined 1st grader is truly an inspiration to all with his infectious smile and laugh. He and his family are spreading #CerebralPalsyAwareness this month by mailing out ribbons, pins, and stickers to the rest of the family, friends, and therapists to wear throughout the month! On March 25 his class... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 3/18/22 – Aiden

Let’s hear it for today’s #CPHero, Aiden! Nearly 15, he refuses to let spastic quadriplegic CP keep him from being what his mother describes as “the happiest kid I know.” Aiden loves going to school and watching video games. He even loves to help play those games by pushing the buttons! Aiden reminds his family—and... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 3/10/22 – Andrea

Let’s give a big warm welcome to today’s #CPHero, Andrea! Despite multiple diagnoses which include hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, this 18-month-old is giving it her all every day. She receives a variety of therapies, but swim therapy is her favorite. She loves the water! Andrea adds a ray of sunshine and joy to everyone’s day... Read More

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