Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/16/23 – Azalea

Let’s give a huge CPFN shout-out to today’s #CPHero, Azalea! This 15-year-old is a great kid, a complete social butterfly, and doesn’t let multiple disabilities get in her way of living a fulfilling life. She loves animals, newborn babies, live music, lucha libre, musical theater, and speaking Spanish.

Born at 27 weeks, Azalea developed hydrocephalus and CP shortly after birth. She’s had 14 brain surgeries and five double hip, ankle, and foot surgeries. She’s a primary wheelchair user but loves reading in her stander and riding her hand bike daily. Azalea loves swimming with her two younger sisters and riding horses with the assistance of her riding instructor.

She is constantly showing everyone that being disabled isn’t a bad thing—it’s just different and requires more effort. Her family are advocates for the disabled community and spreading awareness that disabled people deserve to be treated with the same respect, accessibility, and compassion as everyone else.

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