Cerebral Palsy Hero 4/5/23 – Dia

Everyone say hi to today’s #CPHero, Dia! This strong, bright, beautiful, and intelligent young lady, though considered non-verbal, has been working hard on her communication skills through verbal prompts and communication devices. Dia is also learning to use a gait trainer, and hand-over-hand self-feeding. Her favorite sayings are “Let’s go!”, ” Go to school”, and “eggplont poom”… her current favorite food. She loves to be out and about in the community, whether it’s the library, street fairs, or visits to a local park. Dia enjoys shopping, exploring the floral dept at our local Shoprite, collecting/ growing new plants, and cooking. She is very artistic and loves to paint, color and work on simple crafts. At school she LOVES her teacher, her gym teacher, and art and music classes. Dia greets everyone she knows with “Hey, you!!!”

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