Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/31/22 – Suzie

Today we honor #CPHero, Suzie. Born 13 weeks early at 2 pounds 5 ounces, she had multiple strokes during her birth process that left her with severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Doctors told her family that all areas of her brain were damaged, and she would be severely mentally handicapped. As she grew, she experienced many challenges. Medical and orthopedic challenges, but not mental. Suzie was very intelligent, and learning was not an issue for her.

She smiled through every difficulty she faced. She cared deeply for people. She fought for changes in accessibility within her community.

When Suzie was 9 years old, she started her own non-profit called “Suzie’s Closet,” recycling used medical equipment, building wheelchair ramps for families, and assisting with medical travel. Volvo corporations awarded her the Volvo for Life Butterfly award. She also received other awards for her service to her community, including the Baron Young Heroes award and an award from the Bubel Aiken foundation. She was a published author of a beautiful children’s book called “Butterflies Don’t Crawl.” In her adulthood she was also a volunteer Supervisor for the American Red Cross. Suzie spent her whole life in a wheelchair. But she never missed an opportunity to help others or advocate for changes within her community. She never allowed her “disability” to slow her down.

Suzie passed away on June 15, 2022, with her family surrounding her. She is so deeply missed.

Her book can be found on Amazon or through Grateful Steps publishing in Asheville NC. Suzie’s Closet donations are made through WNC Bridge Children’s Special Service Fund. Families seeking funding assistance can also do so through them.

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