Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/20/20 – Titus

Meet #CPHero Titus. Titus contracted Group B Strep Spinal Meningitis as a baby, and suffered serious brain damage and uncontrollable epilepsy as a result. Titus is a CP Hero because he’s a fighter, despite the adversity he has faced. He is a happy, loving child who inspires us all to live life to the fullest!... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/17/20 – Ryan

Meet #CPHero Ryan. Ryan had a difficult start in life and was born at only 25 weeks. Shortly after birth, he suffered a stroke which has affected his development and the use of the left side of his body. Now 8 years old, Ryan has undergone 16 surgeries but still keeps a smile on his... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/13/20 – Ben

Meet #CPHero Ben. Ben recently graduated from the North Ayrshire Sports Academy in the UK. He was diagnosed with diplegic cerebral palsy at age two, and underwent major surgery to help him walk. He has never lets his disability stand in the way of his love of sports, though, and both played and coached boccia... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/10/20 – Matthew

Meet #CPHero Matthew. Matthew is 5 years old and thriving. Doctors once said he would never crawl or talk, but he didn’t let that stop him! He can now crawl and is working hard to learn speech. Matthew shows us all that only you can set your own limitations. #inspiration #dailyinspo #cp #cerebralpalsy Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/6/20 – Kiyana

Meet #CPHero Kiyana. Kiyana was born nearly 3 months premature, weighing only 1 pound 10 ounces. She was later diagnosed with spastic diplegic CP at age two, but has never let her diagnosis define her. Kiyana is now 12 years old and has an amazing outlook on life. She is always smiling and singing, and... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 7/3/20 – Sarah

Meet #CPHero Sarah. Sarah had a difficult start to life after being born at only 24 weeks, weighing only 1 pound 2 ounces. She spent 138 days in the NICU, but she was born with a fighting spirit and pulled though. Her CP still affects the left side of her body and has caused some... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 6/30/20 – Leon

Meet #CPHero Leon. Today is his 8th birthday, so make sure to write your birthday wishes in the comments below! Leon was diagnosed with CP at 9 months old, is a full time wheelchair user, and has had several difficult surgeries early in life. Despite these challenges, Leon is a bright and happy boy who... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 6/26/20 – Jude

Meet #CPHero Jude. At 9 months, Jude was diagnosed with spastic hemiplegia cerebral palsy which affects the muscle control of the right side of his body and causes brain aneurysms, a-tonic seizures, and intermittent esotropia. Now 8 years old, Jude is doing well in school and has quite an affinity for numbers. He loves riding... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 6/22/20 – Daryl

Meet #CPHero Daryl. Daryl was born at only 27 weeks and has been fighting for his life since day one. He’s now 3 years old, has been diagnosed with diplegic cerebral palsy, and has had 8 surgeries so far. He is also deaf in both ears, but has cochlear implants which are helping him learn... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Hero 6/19/20 – Connor

Meet #CPHero Connor. Connor had a rough childhood requiring many surgeries but now lives a very happy and healthy life. He’s a junior in high school, and is known to brighten the day of everyone he meets with his infectious smile and great sense of humor. Though nonverbal, he is able to use an iPad... Read More

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