When you have a child with cerebral palsy in your family, you understand the unique challenges that come with the condition. Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition that can affect motor function, cognitive abilities, development, and physical disabilities that can impact children and their families in a variety of ways. The financial impact can be staggering, as well.

If you feel your child’s CP was caused by medical negligence, you’re entitled by law to pursue financial compensation. Although no amount of money can truly compensate for the challenges caused by CP, financial compensation can help pay for the care your child needs.

Keep reading to learn about how a Minneapolis cerebral palsy lawyer can help guide you through the legal process.

When Might Talking to a Minneapolis Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Be Right For You?

In many cases, the exact cause of CP is unknown; however, there are signs that medical errors could have been responsible for your child’s cerebral palsy. Some of these signs include:

  • Failure to diagnose or treat infections during pregnancy that can result in fetal brain damage
  • Failure to detect fetal heart rate changes or fetal oxygen deprivation
  • Failure to perform a C-section quickly enough to prevent fetal brain damage
  • Failure to detect or act quickly upon signs of umbilical cord problems
  • Improper use of forceps, vacuum extractors, and other birthing tools

According to the CDC, medical costs for children with cerebral palsy are 10 times higher than for children without cerebral palsy. For families and parents who believe medical malpractice may have led to their child’s CP, there are legal measures that can be taken toward financial compensation, which can help to increase your child’s quality of life and access to recommended medical treatments and therapies. This financial help can make all the difference for families of children with CP.

The law allows CP lawsuits to seek damages for the following expenses:

  • Medical Expenses and Additional Healthcare Costs: Children with CP often must be supported by a variety of care teams and treatments. Physical therapists, physicians, specialists, in-home caretakers, and mental health professionals are all potential sources of care for a child with CP. In addition, medical equipment, medication, and other essentials can all be important factors in your child’s treatment. Compensation for these costs may include reimbursement for past treatments as well as for current and future medical and care needs.
  • Diminished Earning Ability: Children with CP often experience a diminished or even nonexistent capacity to earn a living as an adult. Compensation for damages related to lost earning capacity can give people with CP more options for autonomy and an overall improved quality of life in adulthood.
  • Pain and Suffering: In addition to the physical costs of the condition, CP can take a mental and emotional toll on children and their families. In situations where medical error has contributed to your child’s cerebral palsy, the law allows compensation for this mental and emotional hardship.
  • Quality of Life: Children with CP require more procedures, equipment, and treatments than children without CP to reach their full potential, and it often will require lifetime medical and supportive care. Damages recovered in CP lawsuits can help increase your child’s quality of life.

What Can an Experienced Minneapolis Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Do For You?

When it comes to navigating life with a child with CP, it helps to have a trusted network and community of support. From care teams to doctors to other parents of children with CP, the support systems you have around you are key to your child’s future. However, another form of support that parents may not think about immediately is legal support. Lawyers who have experience working on cerebral palsy cases can bring immense value to your support network by helping you navigate the legal process in your medical malpractice case.

Our reputable Minneapolis CP attorneys have extensive experience fighting for the compensation that children with CP deserve. They have a network of professionals and medical experts who can help advocate for your child and will know what kind of documentation and evidence you’ll need to support your case.

When you are looking for a Minneapolis CP lawyer, you’ll want to ensure they have in-depth medical knowledge related to cerebral palsy, proven experience in CP cases like yours, and a dedication to pursuing your case wholeheartedly.

What are the Next Steps if You’d Like to Take Legal Action?

If you suspect your child’s CP is the result of medical error and are looking to pursue legal action, visit our legal help center to learn about CPFN’s partners at JJS. The Cerebral Palsy Family Lawyers at Janet, Janet & Suggs, LLC call upon their legal and medical experience to uncover the truth and recover compensation families deserve.

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?