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Heroes Helping Heroes

Stories of Individuals Using their Abilities to Help Others

In these trying times, you don’t have to search long to find stories of heroes in the news. Front-line workers saving lives in hospitals around the world, first responders, and essential service workers are all being acknowledged for their hard work to keep people safe. What you probably haven’t heard in the news are the stories of some exceptional individuals who, in spite of their own daily challenges or physical limitations, have found ways to help out in their own way. They have used their ABILITIES to raise money, and raise the spirits of those struggling in their communities. Read some of their stories below and, if you have a hero in your life doing their best to help those in need, we want to hear about it! Send your hero, along with a photo and short bio, to Lee@CPFamilyNetwork.org*

Entrepreneur and Business Owner with Cerebral Palsy Making and Distributing Face Shields Free of Charge to Healthcare Workers

Paul Tudisco, who has cerebral palsy, wanted to make sure those who work with the special needs community had the face shields they needed to keep those with compromised immune systems safe. So he is making and delivering them free of charge. Paul also creates stylus devices to help people with disabilities use touch screens. Visit his website to learn more.

People with Disabilities Support the USNS Comfort

30 people with disabilities employed by Versability Resources loaded the U.S. Navy Ship Comfort with enough meals to feed its thousand-plus crew members for three weeks. These efforts were in preparation for the ship’s mission to New York City in response to the COVID-19 crisis.   READ FULL STORY

Special Needs Students Donate Face Shields Made With 3D Printer

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers on the front lines in America. A group of teenagers attending a special education school in New Jersey have decided to do something about it! They used a 3D printer (which they operated safely from their homes) to produce face shields which were used by medical professionals at their local hospital.   READ FULL STORY

Plumpton College Student Dresses Up as Spiderman to Put Smiles on People’s Faces During Lockdown

An inspirational young lad with CP is bringing joy to people in his community while raising money for the NHS. The 18-year-old has a number of disabilities, including cerebral palsy,but this has not stopped him from getting out each day dressed as his favourite superhero. He has already raised over £600 for healthcare workers!   READ FULL STORY

Boy With Cerebral Palsy Takes on ‘Captain Tom’ Feat

Tobias, a nine-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, is walking a marathon around his neighborhood to raise £10,000 for charity. He was inspired by Captain Tom Moore, a 100 year old World War II Veteran who recently walked 100 laps around his garden before his 100th birthday to help raise funds in support of front line workers in the fight against COVID-19. Tobias uses a walking aid, and cannot travel long distances, but has been walking just under half a mile every day and will do so until he completes the full 26 mile challenge! Tobias is definitely a walk-star!   READ FULL STORY

Nine-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Walking 10k for the NHS

Ava, a young girl living in London, was also inspired by Captain Moore’s achievement and is walking 10k to raise money for her NHS heroes. Despite needing daily physical therapy and a walking aid, Ava has managed to walk almost a mile a day to reach her goal. She had originally set out to raise £200 for the cause, but has now raised over £2,700! Ava is inspiring her family, and others in her community, with her indomitable spirit!   READ FULL STORY

Irishman With CP Raises €25,000 for Frontline Workers by Walking 25k

An inspiring young Irishman named Ciaron has raised an incredible €25,000 for healthcare workers after walking the equivalent of a half marathon without the aid of his crutches. What’s more, he walked the distance in only five days!   READ FULL STORY

Man is Tackling 100-Mile Wheelchair Garden Marathon to Raise NHS Cash

Despite being quarantined at home for more than 12 weeks, a man living with cerebral palsy has decided to travel 100 miles in his wheelchair to raise funds for NHS workers. Chris Elliot, 63, who operates his motorized wheelchair with his chin, has been making laps in his garden every day to complete the marathon challenge. He’s proving that you don’t have to leave your house to do great things for the community!   READ FULL STORY

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