A.S.K. Answers for Special Kids

Address: 1111 Forest
Evanston, IL 60202
Phone: (847) 607-1612 Email: answersforspecialkids@comcast.net Website: http://www.answersforspecialkids.org/

"A.S.K.- ANSWERS FOR SPECIAL KIDS is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides resources and a support network for families of children with special needs in Evanston and neighboring communities, whether they attend District 65, private school or home school. We work collaboratively with public and private schools to improve the educational experience of all students by ensuring that students with learning disabilities and other special educational needs receive the educational experience to which they are entitled. To achieve this goal, A.S.K builds bridges with schools and school districts, empowers parents to be effective advocates for their children, raises awareness within the community regarding learning disabilities and special education, and makes resources on these subjects available to the people that need them."

We focus on helping parents to help their children. At times we can further this idea by personal service and advocacy; in some cases, though, the mission can best be furthered through mass communication and raising awareness generally among the various constituent groups: parents, teachers, school administrators, other students, and community members.


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