AAC Institute – Augmentive and Alternative Communication Device Provider – PENNSYLVANIA

Address: 1100 Washington Ave, Suite 317
Carnegie, PA 15106
Phone: 412-489-5527 Fax: 412-489-5726 Email: mfoit@aacinstitute.org Website: http://www.aacinstitute.org/

The AAC Institute is  a not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the most effective communication for people who rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). 

The AAC Institute, established in 2000, is a resource for all who are interested in enhancing the communication of people who rely on AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). Organized as a 501c3 not-for-profit charitable organization, the AAC Institute offers information and provides services worldwide. AAC Institute promotes the goal of AAC, the AAC Rules of Commitment, and evidence-based AAC clinical practice. This mission is accomplished through service delivery, research, activity organization, information dissemination, and education.

Worldwide resource for:

  • People with severe communication disorders, families and friends
  • Professionals and Educators
  • Researchers, Developers and Manufacturers
  • Funding and other Parties


    For General Inquiries:
    Katya Hill, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    AAC Institute/ ICAN Talk Clinic
    1401 Forbes Avenue
    Suite 303
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Tel: 412-523-6424


    Product Issues:
    Morgan Ball
    Associate Director
    AAC Institute
    PO Box 882
    Wooster, OH 44691
    Tel: 412-512-6688

    Consumer Support
    David Chapple
    AAC Consumer Support Liaison
    AAC Institute
    PO Box 882

    Wooster, Ohio 44691
    Tel: 814-392-6625


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